Stickman Parkour – Launch Trailer

Are you a fan of Animation vs Minecraft? Stickman games are for you with amazing trap adventure.

Stickman parkour jump and run is a 2D stickman parkour platform game where you join the trap adventure and help the stickman jump over obstacles, climb ledges and get to the portal! Conquer levels and perform tricks in stickman parkour game. Travel through many biomes with stickman hook players with skyblock survival mode in sky war world.

Jump and run to find the escape route in Stickman Craft Skyland. This stickman games will challenge you to overcome obstacles and bring you to freedom. In this platform game, you take on the role of the stickman hook. You have a great network of friends who can help you quickly if you fail a level. After going through the portal to the next realm, you’ll need to sprint across platforms and jump over gaps to find ways around various obstacles. Each level will present new challenges which can be described on a piece of paper at its beginning. If you reach the last level of the platform and access the exit portal, you can advance to the next level. Let’s see how far we can go on these stickman games!


– Role play the stickman hook jump and run through the sky of crafting blocks to find the door to the next level.

– Press left side arrow button to run and press right side arrow button to jump.

– Stay away from bombs, arrows and don’t fall.

– Slimes help you jump higher; Elevator helps you move to another crafting block

– Don’t stay on the craft sand block for a long time.


– Parkour style game. Easy to play and relax!

– Many challenges and races

– Amazing minecraft world such as skyblock, skyland,…

– Many skins and pets in the shop

Let’s join the trap adventure and help Stickman pass all the levels. Download this stickman parkour game and have fun now
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  1. How come those at level 60 or 61 can't be passed?

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