Hello beautiful people! This is just an update video discussing the new dev version we recently released to our backers!

To find out more about the game and how to become a backer and play 0.09, check out the link below!

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  1. You have my money garranteed upon release

  2. So hyped for this game was so impressed with wd2’s parkour but that was really nothing in comparison

  3. I hope after it's goes on PC, PlayStation, etc… It eventually gets put of the Nintendo Switch! It would be so cool to be able to play this game on it! 🙂😭🙂🙌🏽

  4. I'm a debbie downer, but that running animation still looks a bit strange, guessing it will be revisited again in the future?

  5. Great video as always the game is looking great and I'm so excited for this game 🙂 keep up the amazing work guys

  6. So far looks very promising! As a free runner myself I can say the movements are on point, keep it up boys!

  7. Already impressed with the movement and the weight in the animations. Continue like this and this is gonna be great. 😀

  8. I really like this new update I’m on demo and I can do vaults anymore is that suppose to happens and I wait for more updates?

  9. after watching some of the live streams it feels so good seeing this game coming together you guys are making something great here so excited for this game to come out

  10. Im wondering what you will add to the game because I have no ideas.

  11. One thing this game still needs is better animation on the landings

  12. so it was an accident that you guys thought to include climbing in a parkour game , did i hear that right ?

  13. I do like this game and want it to succeed but just some constructive criticism here, honestly it doesn't seem like a lot of progress has been made since the last time I looked at this game. The game still is looking a bit clunky, and I noticed that the stuttering before attempting a move hasn't been fixed, As well as there was a part in this video where you jumped from one container to a lower one and it seems like the game almost guilds you to landing a trick even if you shouldn't because I could see you were off line with the container and moved in mid-air and the game corrected your path for you making you land when you shouldn't. I have hope for this game but it definitely has a lot of issues at this point and needs a lot of work. In the state its in I would assume this game is gonna get delayed until at least summer 2023.

  14. Really hoping this is going to be a similar experience to skate 3. Seeing others running around doing their own routes and maybe a prop editor? Big hopes for the game it looks sick.

  15. Could you do a feature where you are free to introduce props or items ie. throwing a T-shirt down as a marker for a practice jump or moving a pallet to gain height to gain access over a wall? Or even a free build of a course. Whilst aesthetics are important functionality and game play is more important IMO.

  16. That looks so good 😍And it's like 4 months ago. The implemented movement looks very smoothly! I'll buy the game for 100%. I'm so hyped about this game!

  17. dang i can't wait. surprised you dont go with free to play model with all the opportunities to sell clothing items and such.. online play would be super cool to hang out and sesh spots together

  18. Heard some former Black Devs are in on this, super cool to see how far you've come from the og days! Given we wont be seeing another Mirrors Edge, my hype is high! (Obviously I don't expect the same style of game, but it's nice to see another team trying to put together a true parkour experience!) Thank you for keeping the parkour community alive in games 🙂

  19. awesome game I just bought the early access and its a lot of fun did yall take inspiration from watch dogs 2? the vibe and movements of the game remind me a lot of that

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