Storror Parkour Pro 0.11a || My Fastest Run So Far..


Don’t mind the flop in the beginning XD


  1. I’d rather play The Parkour Game when it comes out then this

  2. Hope this game will be fine on release.

  3. Do you think the game will have injuries? I think it's way cooler when you can get hurt in a game like this, makes the achievements feel earned

  4. nice, thanks for posting this bc I wanted to see what the game was like before I bought it 🙂

  5. Is this the released game? It looks terrible!

  6. I went under the 1 minute mark. I do 59.69 😎

  7. I think it has potential. But they've already made some wrong decisions, for example they shouldn't have added flips before refining the basic mechanics like drops vaults and climb ups. Implementing this type of stuff is a waste of time, which could be used to enhance the basics and make the game more polished so that more people would buy and support the game.

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