An internal concept trailer for the game.

This gameplay is concept and sampled from our motion capture animations. It’ll be this smooth very soon though 🙂

To find out more about the game and how to become a backer and play 0.10, check out the link below!

For game updates and teasers follow us on Instagram!

We stream pretty much everyday all things SPP here and on twitch!


  1. I wonder do you still plan to release the finished game also for the last gen consoles PS4 and X-Box One? Also will there be other Parkour legends besides Storror as NPCs in the game? It would be cool to see and "learn" from Danny Ilabaca and his philosophy

  2. I love it, I just wish we had a bit more gameplay footage on display.

  3. I haven't checked in on this for a while but that 1st person view is looking awesome, great job👍

  4. I can’t wait for this eagerly waiting man !!!!

  5. Ca fait depuis la ps2 que j'attendais qu'un jeu de parkour sorte et franchement vous avez réalisé mon rêve quand ce jeu et j'espère sera fini a 100% ca sera une pépite 🔥👌🏽

  6. Is the head vault going to be a move?

    It should be….

  7. this, skate 4, and riders republic finna go crazyy

  8. i just got the demo, its very janky controls. i hope there is an update soon because it looks like it could be really fun it just really needs some more refined controls and smoother jumps. some background music would be nice aswell as it is silent. i can supply some free unique hip hop beats or other background music if needed. cant wait for more, really looking forward to this game

  9. When will it be releasing 2024 or 2025?

  10. I like the Way holder inspired by Tony hawk, pro skater. It’s a great game to inspire from.

  11. this is so dope! Storror's reach is insane. this looks so promising. I think the TH franchise came out when there was a lot less expectation with gaming so be aware of that. The graphics are great! just make sure the control smoothness is too. Im not a gamer or athlete in any sense of the word. I just love the Storror group and want to support! I hope you all are incorporating personalities in it as well!! maybe providing advantages and disadvantages per person or just quirks. I want to see a Sach splash or give him a boost in group challenges. Josh a disadvantage in water challenges but an absolute boss is everything else. I don't even know what Toby's disadvantage would be lol . Benj is just pure hype and personality and Max, is STRATEGY! Drew is flare, tricks n shit. Callum has the leaps and bounds

  12. I really hope the first person mode is an option as well

  13. It'd be sick if this game can be multiplayer so like you can join parties and parkour with them or just parkour with your friends

  14. wish the instead of playing as a storror member you could create your custom "safety team "character ….you know… to check the spots before the team ;D

  15. Wow, this is the coolest thing ever.
    We need more games like Jusant.
    I'm very excited to find out how the studio – you guys, HITS – do the controls.
    btw your site doesn't work, i can't access it from the SPP website.

  16. If the animations will br as it is shown here, then u r making a history!!! And guys, police chase, please !!!!!!!))

  17. Police chase runs for multiplier, please!!!!!!! So some peiple play as cops who can do only basic moves, like shity kinda, and the other people play as freeruners!

    This will be awesome! Please!!!

  18. Please make an escape from security and or police. Like restricted areas don’t get caught type deal!! That would be in free roam and or story. I’d love to climb a building or construction site that I get ran out of after making it to the top or entering

  19. I can confirm that I bought this game two days ago for my steam deck, and it works just fine. I use my Xbox controller and play it on my TV.
    Super excited for the release of the full game

  20. Yeah boi it's gonna be 1 bad game can't come soo enough

  21. Will there be a new improved trailer in 2024…?

  22. Interesting project, but this title "Storror" is horror, I mean horrible

  23. Is this actually coming out? If so when?

  24. Please add realistic gore and blood decals

  25. I found about about you guys about 3 hours ago… just bought the demo.

  26. How is this taking so damn long and for such an rough and sloppy looking product?!?!

    4 years, a boatload of cash, a large team with pro devs and 1 man without all that did better in 5 MONTHS than this games team did in 4 YEARS!

    This isn't how you do indie games, where the proper and consistent communication?!

    I feel like the support was abused and taken for granted, I won't make the same mistake again

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