An internal concept trailer for the game.

This gameplay is concept and sampled from our motion capture animations. It’ll be this smooth very soon though 🙂

To find out more about the game and how to become a backer and play 0.10, check out the link below!

For game updates and teasers follow us on Instagram!

We stream pretty much everyday all things SPP here and on twitch!


  1. Just buy Rooftops & Alleys if you want a good parkour game that will actually be finished and not take another 4 years for so little progress

  2. loveing it so far i prolly going to buy the demo to help them out it looks sick

  3. Wow, only 19 likes from a channel with almost 8 million subs. That seems a little worrying that this game won't come out.

  4. This actually looks way better I just hope we get a demo for consoles before the game comes out because not a lot of us can afford a PC

  5. Super smooth!! Can't wait for the game! 🤘

  6. I feel lucky to have been playing the demo since the option to become a supporter opened up. I love it and I am a Skater not a Parkour athlete.
    It makes me feel like I am Josh practicing his lines. I watch Josh more than anyone else to try to get his flow down. I can't, yet!😅
    Great work HITS!

  7. OMG! I can't wait for this!! I've been playing Mirror's Edge catalyst ever since the announcement of this game, trying to keep myself familiar with the parkour and all to use my ideas and create some good parkour runs in this game when it comes out. CANT WAITT!!!! LOOKS FANTASTIC!!

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