This is the first Footage of Storror Parkour Pro, super fun and hard to do tricks!


  1. STORROR PARKOUR PRO kommt vorraussichtlich Ostern 2022 heraus! 😎

  2. Bro I'm so hyped.. I love seeing the progress from an early build gameplay to the actually game when they release it

  3. It looks amazing seems the two vaults they are focusing on are dash and kongs because it didn’t look like there were others in there.
    Funny how YouTube thinks it’s GTA tho

  4. this camera movement/tracking looks really good

  5. In my opinion they make the game like Skate but it's all parkour and have "Hall of meat" and parkour challenges and level up your character and move the joysticks to perform tricks like Skate its gonna be 💯 Also would be funny to see the opening of the game be like a Skate intro will all the parkour legends.

  6. It better be on android also not just pc and consoles

  7. Poor Josh! I need Joshisms when he gets stuck!

  8. The physics are still a way off yet, and they’re going to get judged harshly as the games all about interacting with all of the surroundings and the character seems to float over them 🤞

  9. This looks so janky! Is this a mobile game if so I completely understand. But if this is going on console it’s not even close to being released.

  10. I think he can do a dash vault and a Kong vault guys

  11. Why show it u just killed my hype this will be the session of the parkour World mirrors edge being the skate equivalent thanks for killing the hype

  12. you guys need some inverse kinematics thats all

  13. Looks great. Forget the visuals. Just make good mechanics and gameplay

  14. If it's a Parkour version of Skate 3, it will be a huge success

  15. I'd say that it feels too "slow." there needs to be elements of speed and power given to the player, for example it can be as simple as motion streaks on the edges of you screen or an FOV change.

  16. The animations in this game is what first got me so excited! It really adds on to the immersion!

  17. I have seen better demos with better graphics without any patreon/kickstart bullcrap, and without a big studio or team… It looks like a very badly ported game from a Console 14 Years ago

  18. Damn this game looks like it’s really shaping up can’t wait for some more bails being shown. Also would be cool as if they added an ukemi/bail mechanic where you could do a break fall after messing up

  19. Scam 20$ for bad animations and wat 10 tricks its a demo right it should be free

  20. Нереальный Двигатель 4 says:

    1:00 самый лучший трюк 🤣

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