STORROR Parkour PRO | Tutorial Gameplay

This is the tutorial of the STORROR Parkour PRO Development Version 5A.

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  1. awesome! can't wait to see where this goes.

  2. Bruhhhhhhhh this looks killer!! 👀👀🙌

  3. Who was the guy that bass boosted the sound of 10kg meat hitting the ground

  4. Character walks like he pooped his pants though

  5. That running animation looks real goofy lol

  6. all I ask is to focus on realism and mechanics. Like the flow on the top is a beautiful animation and the mechanics of vaulting are sick. I don't care if it looks like Minecraft as long as I can do sick tricks.

  7. For a parkour game animations are absolutely key, first thing that should be polished to 100%… this ain't it yet

  8. This game would be sick if you could kill people and it was set in ancient Italy

  9. All in all this looks really promising!
    I hope it looks more dirty and gets a more urban or even "dark" vibe in the end. Also Drew in game looks kinda skinny compared to real Drew? The Josh model looks accurate though.
    And the music in the final game hopefully is just like in the Storror videos, cause they always have a great soundtrack selection there… thanks for the insight!

  10. AWESOME. So refreshing to finally see a parkour game that actually understands the sport/art, the terminology and the movements. Also so exciting to see it's set in London!!!!! Finally a game that's set in one of the homes of parkour! Ps. I remember when a 'cat pass' was called a 'kong vault' oh how times have changed. That move blessed me with two sprained wrists hehe

  11. I don’t like that this is a poopy skate style game I wish it was an open map

  12. Deff will hopefully get better. If it did I would play. One thing I dont like is the noise everytime you jump something. That is super anoying.

  13. Never heard about the game but i'm so hyped now lmao animations are sooo smooth honestly that's just the way to go ! Please add an amazing camera tool and we're good for the GOTY

  14. It's funny how awkward walking and idle animation look and then how smooth parkour moves are, but I understand it's early development.

  15. First thing they need to do is get that music sorted out lol.

  16. Honestly where did you guys get the running animations from it looks weird, even assassin's creed that is not a parkour is way better for parkour

  17. the walk animations are good but what the fuck are his hands doing?

  18. This is the Skate of parkour games

  19. This looks fun the running looks a little weird but it looks fun

  20. bro this game is garbage"Hey lets just make a movement system, and sell it","No skate boards, no guns, no powers, we too lazy to design that"

  21. Another 5 years and it should be ready 🤙

  22. This and esports boxing club the only games I’m excited for

  23. The movement looks amazing so far and super fluid.

  24. Just make a game. You don't have to be perfect work slow and upgrade a bit of movements make a base and every new idea should be an DLC

  25. This popped up in my recommended and honestly I thought this was a video from like years ago. It just had that thumbnail and vibe of a game in development from years ago. Not saying that’s a bad thing.

  26. you should make an option to toggle parkour mode instead of holding

  27. idk abt you but wheb you do tricks it feels slow

  28. dude's walk cycle looks like he messed his britches.

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