STORROR Parkour PRO | Tutorial Gameplay

This is the tutorial of the STORROR Parkour PRO Development Version 5A.

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  1. every roaming game should feel like this

  2. Add a regular jump aswell as a slide, a slide activation on slanted surfaces would be cool too aswell as a fumble for when you jump from too high, that fumble can be counteracted by pressing the slide command that then gives you an advanced gather to keep your speed

  3. This game looks so cool! I want to play it now!

  4. Lb to walk and lt to sprint happily no thanks

  5. los efectos de sonido son una mierda, pero el movimiento esta epico

  6. Looks great guy kinda walks/runs like he has a drumstick in his bootypipe tho.

  7. esses boneco correndo parece um véio com caganeira

  8. Movement I expect in GTA5 'expanded and enhanced' in order for it to be worthy of it's name

  9. Just fix his running he looks goofy lmao

  10. But pricey for a demo that don’t include the full game at least pipe BMX was only £7

  11. If they make it like skate 3, the game would pop off

  12. Y'all need to get someone who actually plays video games on a controller for videos like this….

  13. muito chave, parece skate 3 de parkour, acho que se a gameplay for mais rápida vai ficar mais dahora ainda

  14. parece q o boneco ta correndo cagado

  15. even tho its in early stages gotta say it needs some fluid movement cause for now its faster to run than to vault

  16. The walk and sprint animations look goofy af lmao

  17. Yea, i like it! But animations is kinda weird and unnatural.

  18. Only me or does it look like the character has shat himself with how he runs?

  19. I AM STOKED!!!!! Please take your time! This game can be the best title for the next ten years to pass. KEEP IT UP!!!

  20. This gonna be everything we ever wanted.

  21. mean while its 2022 and madden still got niggas running on a treadmill

  22. watch the mfs do speed glitches when it comes out

  23. Fully raytraced graphics OwO(hope its not prerendered fake gameplay.).

  24. hands and walking need improvment like he walks constipated but cant wait is this gonna be on xbox?

  25. I think bro you should make the running style more realistic or detailed otherwise game is over power 😍

  26. it's been so long since the free running game in the 2007, i'm so excited for this

  27. perhaps have their toes pointing forward when you’re running…. something looks a bit awkward in the running like their feet/knees are pointed outwards

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