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Run Away (prod. Thi Fisher)

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GoPros: (vlog workhorses, closeup action, POV’s)
GoPro Hero 8 –
GoPro Hero 7 –
GoPro MAX (360 cam) –
GoPro Fusion (360 cam) –
GoPro Mic adapter (for hero 6 + 7) –
Saramonic Mini Microphone –
(We zip-tie the adapter to the bottom of the gopro clip. Use with saramonic mic for 10000x better audio)

Bigger cameras + lenses: (For the fancy bits)
Panasonic GH5 –
All-round zoom lens – Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 –
Sony A7s II –
Tight lens – Sony 50mm f1.8 –
Wide lens – Sigma 24mm f1.4 –

Extra cameras:
Canon m50 + 15-45mm zoom lens –
Microphone – Rode VideoMicro Compact –

A7s + GH5 accessories:
Ronin-S Gimbal Stabilizer –
Atamos Shinobi monitor –
Rode Compact Microphone –

Mavic 2 Pro –
Mavic 2 Zoom –

Cable cam (we use with 360 cameras) –




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STORROR is a collective of seven elite athletes with big individual characters who were drawn together by a shared passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in Parkour with an enthusiastic following to match.


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Commercial and press related enquiries – [email protected]


– Toby Segar
– Drew Taylor
– Sacha Powell
– Joshua Burnett Blake
– Callum Powell
– Max Cave
– Benj Cave


This video features Parkour performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. All members of team STORROR have been training since 2005 and insist that no one attempt to re-create or re-enact any ROOFTOP activities or movement AT HEIGHT performed in these videos.


  1. I know no one can help me but if God wants to help then u guys help me 💯 percent so it's my request ……. I lost my job now I'm broke I need money to buy food can anyone please help me

  2. i wanna say yall pob sould happed made the game free

  3. i have to keep watching this because i actually cant wait for a game like this

  4. Oh god this is gonna be a mess, anyone who genuinely plays games enough can see they haven’t showed anything worth hype, the game is barely in development, they aren’t working with triple AAA devs, they are looking for a kickstarter backing and yet they haven’t even shown us Anything more then pre alpha promotional footage. Also they didn’t name the Dev studio, shits gonna be mobile game quality or shitty indie game quality, they want complete creative control but they aren’t game devs they are not qualified to have complete creative control.

  5. Don't worry guys we parkour fan are hear for you and we can't wait for the good luck ✌🏼

  6. Mirror's Edge, Vector, so many parkour games out there.. I am really happy for you guys but it aint the world's first parkour game

  7. I mean, this game def looks interesting but you can't say that mirrors edge didn't have parkour as its main focus. But yeah great game and am super hyped to see how this turns out

  8. This is totally Amazing!!! I really can't wait to get my hands on this and yes for sure I will help out my most favorite people via kickstarter. Also I would love to know if there are any plans to add DLC characters like David Belle, Jackie Chan, Sebastien Foucan, Damien Walters and other such awesome people too. Super Stoked for this. Lets GO!! #STORRORARMY

  9. As a game dev, I have to say that the schedule posted on Kickstarter is quite impossible. xD
    Just one year for such a project is not enough, it will need 2 or 3 years, as this is quite experimental – the last parkour game that came out was .. idk, I played it when I was 14 and I am 26 now, and back then, the game was already a few years old.
    This could highly benefit from a strong physics system, as well as transportation and trick-specific missions like the ones in Skate3 (or any other skate game).
    Not easy to implement, playtesting will show a lot of areas for improvement.

    8.5k for sound design also seems like quite a lot, especially because the actual development, coding, leveldesign, .. is not listet.

    I am really looking forward to the game, but I expect about 1 year or more of delay until alpha release. (alpha should be released by now, according to the original time-plan posted on the kickstarter site)

  10. [Prototype] has lots of action and horror..but half the fun is the parkour elements…any (recent) spiderman game too… And it's just so awesome when it all goes right…

  11. What do you mean (pure parkour video game)

  12. I hope it’s available for the Nintendo Switch one day

  13. "First ever parkour video game"
    ROBLOX Parkour: yesn't

  14. My First Impressions about this bad Trailer… with my pure Truth:
    Hate me or Whatever, I dont give a F.:

    0:26 First Pure Parkour Video Game… ehm … Mirrors Edge is a Thing you know…
    (weapons and stuff is just Temporary things you can use…) so nope not the First… the Second maybe the Third… you cant beat Assassins Creed with it…

    0:36 World-Class Award_Winning Game Developers… aha… so what the Studio Name… No seriously, what the F*** is there Name… You cant say it… there is no information about it, nothing… soo that's a Huge Ass Lie then… (you can see the Graphics, they suck)

    0:40 Done so many Sick Games Like: Need for Speed… (I dont know what´s Game it actual is, but most of it was made by EA,oh no)
    White Pal… (no information about this Game) … Black… (Oh F*ck me, Again EA) … F1 (oh made by Codemasters, better)
    Burnout… (Made by Criterion Games, an Daughter Company from EA) Fuck this Shit Im out,…

    Clearly EA Shit, sooo there will be Lootboxes, Bugs, a Pay to Win Scenario, oh I forgot the Season Pass and Battle Royale Modus…
    But maybe you say: Mirrors Edge is also from EA… Yes but, from Years Ago and EA didn´t suck that Much, and Assassins Creed is made by Ubisoft (not much better, but still better than EA) sooo Where was I, ah yes…

    1:00 None of the Games really had Parkour as the main Focus…
    Again: Mirrors Edge was 98% Parkour and 2% other Things, and Assassins Creed had at Least 80 to 90% of Parkour (you need to make parkour because if you didn´t the mission was just a running Simulator) ((oh and the Killing)) so dont tell me there aren't any Parkour Games out there…

    1:04 Freedom where the Player chose there own path….
    Literally any Open World game…

    1:07 Where Every Step needs Discipline, Timing, Creativity, and Control…
    To Complicated, I already don´t have fun with idea, you need to plan everything, that's not fun, that's literally a Strategy Game…
    Strategy games can be fun, but for a Game where Speed is the A and O ,it would Kill the Fun Instantly.

    1:13 No Special gear or Equipment just a Growing Skill set,
    I mean ok that sound good but on the other hand,
    I would like to wear better Gear to run faster,
    or better Protection to make less Damage,
    If i make a Water Challenge I would like to wear at least as possible, and better Equipment would mean better Sceney-Shots
    (Think about Skate 3 where you where able to make your own Trick Shots, better Gear and Equipment would look better, like a Buying Tree for better Shots, you begin with typical low reselution Camcorder and buy more and better Quality Gear and Equipment to make your Experience better…. )

    1:23 Check this out: Wow the Graphics…. THEY SUCK… VERY BAD… Show me something what I really can Check out, but not this… Thingy… (also look at does Camera Shots without gear they wouldn´t be Possible)

    1:28 They all run to the Player to cheer to him…. CRINGE AF … In real life its ok to Cheer and go Wild but in a Game its just CHRINGE, never put this in the Game, ( also where the F did they Come from, did they span there only for the Cheering Part, ha, dumb)

    1:31 And now they run all together, wow, when Physics existing there, and Body-ragdolls as well, this would be PURE CHAOS TO RUN IN A GROUP, nope

    1:35 Again the Graphics Suck, a few of the Characters literally Floating, the Music and the Cheering is not Working together…

    All in all this Game is going to be trash…. (just because of EA)
    but maybe it works out for you, but not for me…
    oh Also: What do you mean with PC/Game, Playstation, Xbox,
    do we talk here about Windows 95, Playstation 1, and Xbox 1 Grafics…
    ha then this Game would be fitting good,

  15. When thay are finished and it comes out I'm getting it the second it's available!!

  16. It's great to see that another parkour game is finally being made, but…

    "None have had parkour as the main focus."

    Really? Please tell me you're joking. That's literally what Mirror's Edge is all about.

  17. No. your game is not the first proper parkour game. Free running was.

  18. Wuuuuuu I'm hype for this, and all of you! Let's frickin goooi

  19. i would love to play a game with the boy's Id love to play a game with parkour we need this

  20. ma siete pazzi ce potete morire lo sapete

  21. This Video is over 400 Days old! When does come out the STORROR Parkour Game? 🤔

  22. So fucking cool dude definitely gonna buy

  23. This is like a very improved free running which was a parkour game I think you can still get it on steam

  24. sounds like mirrors edge but with something more

  25. funact: it isnt the first pov parkour game xD

  26. I still hope this is on the way looks sick guys ,

  27. Man I can’t wait until comes out

  28. In case you guys don't know. There already is a game that entirely based on parkour. Its called freeruning I think, its on PS2. But it sucks.

  29. So it’s June 2022 been waiting for the game for ages man when’s it coming out any time soon coz the early access was meant to be in march innit.

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