Stride – Announcement Trailer | PS VR

STRIDE is a story parkour action game in virtual reality. Battle enemies in the canopy of a quarantined metropolis. Experience the feeling of vertigo as you stream between rooftops and flow across balconies in your effort to save the city.

▶️ Endless Mode. Infinite level generation provides unlimited challenging terrain.
▶️ Arena Mode. A spacious varied-terrain arena with waves of enemies. Perfect for practicing tricks and refining your shooting skills.
▶️ Time Run Mode. Test your parkour-at-speed skills in a race against the clock.

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  1. Ay what is this music in the trailer it sounds sick?!

  2. And now joyway don’t support this version at all anymore

  3. Hey I just got this game but my right hand controller won’t light up and so it won’t track it, it lights up for other games but not for this one. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

  4. You already know Memeulous is gonna use this for commentary

  5. I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith got rolled by a gator in a swamp?

  6. If i played this id end up parkouring out my house across town and then run into a wall

  7. Gf: babe my parents aren’t at home…

  8. About time everyone else gets their hands on this. Having adored mirrors edge, this game was exactly the kinda thing i wanted from vr. Countless hours on my vive and I can't recommend it enough

  9. I already gave up and I know vr is not for me. I'm getting sick after about 15min even in imax not mentioning gaming.

  10. I can already see myself motion sicc but luvin it

  11. On this episode of "If game publishers were actually Smart": EA!

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