Stride – Official Announcement Trailer (VR Parkour)

Battle enemies in the canopy of a quarantined metropolis and save the city in this parkour action game when the game lands on PS VR in 2021

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  1. Я себе всю квартиру расхерачу от таких игр в шлеме

  2. Why do i get the feeling someone is going to accidentally jump out of their living room window 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  3. Too bad it’s not licensed as a mirrors edge game because it looks exactly like one

  4. I didn't expect to find so many people who played mirror's edge in the comments…

  5. Already makes me feel like I’m getting lightheaded.

  6. We're those mirror's edge assets ? (Or something really similar?)

  7. Mirror's Edge and Super Hot had a VR child.

  8. The fact its only playstation vr makes me cry

  9. I came here for the Mirror's Edge comments and I have not been disappointed!

  10. It will like rewatching your dream of falling that accidentally woke you up

  11. Will this be on oculus quest2 I bet this is a no brainer because it’s on psvr but I’m just asking cause it just game looks incredible

  12. This is the real mirror’s edge sequel we’ve been waiting for

  13. Isn't this just Mirror's Edge?
    I'm not complaining.

  14. Without further ado it’s gonna be a Breathtaking game

  15. I just realized but the buildings and everything look like assets from Mirrors Edge???

  16. Great idea well done. Its missing a graphic criteria

  17. I am pretty sure I just saw the exact same level from the first mission in mirrors edge. Just with a few less textures.

  18. Mirror's Edge or Ghostrunner VR: you decide.

  19. I imagine all the people talkin bout “ur gonna jump out your living room window lol” and “Motion Sickness VR lmao” haven’t actually played any vr games.

  20. “Hey what’s up you guys LeafyIsHere..”

  21. mirrors edge: who tf are you?
    Stride: im you but better

  22. There was a game just like this. It was called mirrors edge

  23. the most fun ill ever have getting motion sickness

  24. This is close to edge of being a mirror of something else. I just can’t think what….

  25. movement in VR is a very tricky thing, hope this game can pull it off

  26. Fuck…I need this AND MY VR BROKE TOO

  27. Motion Sickness Simulator – VR
    Looks fun AF tho

  28. Mirrors edge in VR that's what ths is and it should have been a sequel to Mirrors edge catalyst

  29. Something like this online would be awesome if they did it right

  30. does it have to be with guns? why cant it be just like tag, where one person chases the other – pvp either 1v1, or 10 v 100, until last one standing

  31. Quick moment of silence to all of those people who threw up playing this, I'm bout to join the gang

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