Stride – Official Announcement Trailer (VR Parkour)

Battle enemies in the canopy of a quarantined metropolis and save the city in this parkour action game when the game lands on PS VR in 2021

#IGN #Stride


  1. I'm eating oatmeal while watching this and had to pause to ease my nausea lol

  2. Great more French culture. How about you use ladders like real fire men!

  3. I think the concept was:
    Mirror’s Edge but we made a VR version of it

  4. This should've been called "Mirror Edge: VR".

  5. Did they actually take Mirror's Edge assets? Cause the environment looks so much like it… I wanna try this though, but is it PS exclusive?

  6. If the graphics weren’t so reminiscent of Mirrors Edge, I’d be all in. I’d love to see a VR parkour game with fully detailed graphics.

  7. Oh boy cant wait to watch videos on youtube of people playing this game like they're John Wick

  8. i wish this would get a quest 2 release

    with graphics this simplistic, i dont think alot of graphical stuff would be sacrificed.

  9. mirrors edge meets superhot vr meets csgo speedrun maps

  10. I was wondering why there was no parkour vr game yet.

  11. İmagine accidently jumping out from the window while playing it… just saying

  12. Bit like mirrors edge exactly like it be surprised if it wasn't the makers of mirrors edges who also made this

  13. How do yall not get sick while playing something like this

  14. Played this game on the Quest 2 and it is VERY FUN, you also get a tiny bit of a workout too.

  15. i feel like a broken record but… please come to steam vr

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