Super Bowl Parkour POV Chase – Parkour vs American Football

Parkour POV Chase vs American Football Defense – Super Bowl 53 Special: I do a POV Parkour touchdown run against an American Football Team from Berlin.
Patriots or Rams, who will win the Super Bowl 2019 ?

POV Parkour Videos:

Thanks to the Berlin Kobras:

Spider-Man Parkour POV:
Zombie Apocalypse VS Parkour POV:

Parkour action videos:

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  1. So you’re saying they didn’t want the ball ?

  2. Replace those players with zombies. Very scary

  3. NFL teams looking for a running back: Hey so Uhh you wanna be rich?

  4. Tf you mean super bowl and american football there the same thing

  5. Are the football players even trying to get you or the ball

  6. You like football cuz you look like you like it cuz I don't know I love football

  7. Lol he should've given them the ball they started chasing him

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    ouggv cjj b@ G_

  9. I think this was super lame boo you're never a dream YouTuber

  10. pov: you and the boys found out about the pandemic and chasing that one friend

  11. i takeld 6 peaploe in one mater and im in 4th drade

  12. It's funny how the football team has to jog for him to get away

  13. I thought I was watching this at 0.5x speed with how slow they’re running💀

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  15. This guy is the next MVP of the next50 years

  16. POV: You're at a pride parade and just called a group of Trans people the "Suicide Squad"

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