Terrifying Skyscraper Climb Down 😩 #shorts

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  1. I forgot to breathe watching this , for f♡@k sake who does this ?

  2. My stomach is churning as I’m watching this 😧

  3. I’m tensing up just looking at you do that. Stay safe maaan. Looking down at the city aint worht not coming home

  4. How did you get up there, that should be the same way you get down.

  5. I can barely hold my phone with the sweating palms I got from watching this video snippet 😅

  6. Nope, nope, nope. My legs went numb and tingly, and my stomach dropped out of my heels. I’m a FF and while I can do roof operations, that’s just a big NO F-ING WAY from me dog! 😂

  7. I dont think ive ever gotten physical anxiety from a video before lol

  8. Why would anyone put themselves through doing that shit dude lol

  9. Wenn du abstützt dann bitte ohne unschuldige zu verletzen wenn du aufschlägst. Du opfer

  10. I am a pilot, I see the world from thousands/meters of feet in the air, I do not have a fear of heights, but this is just crazy.

  11. just madness.. don’t feel sorry for you when you might fell down!!!!!

    no pity!!!

  12. I always live in a first story apartment for a reason ahaha

  13. Hi I think you are mad Ali Walsall west midlands england junction 10 m6 Walsall churckery 😮

  14. I peed on myself just watching this small clip.

  15. Well, this is CLEARLY something that I would never do. 😂

  16. Wonder how much that guy's weekly paycheck is

  17. A.I is scary good. That looked so real

  18. Just sniff dope buddy, it’s less dangerous

  19. Wow! This guy must be out of his mind! I wouldn’t do such thing not even for millions of Dollars!

  20. My anxiety is acting up cannot finish watching 😮

  21. my hands are sweating profusely within 10 seconds.

  22. How did you get up there?
    Why did you get up there?
    Which bet did you lose?
    Whose love are you trying to earn?
    Have you considered your life choices ever in your life?
    What death wish are you trying to fulfill?
    All these questions that I have and no answers for them 😐

  23. I am sobbing how does one have the courage to get so high up????

  24. I can feel my hands sweating and slipping off those bars🙈

  25. I am scared of heights BUT watching this only confuses me because I am only thinking a few things:

    1. Where the heck are you???
    2. Why in the world are you up there?
    3. Are you supposed to be up there??
    4. Did you sneak up there somehow??
    5. Do the proper authorities know you are up there??
    6. I really don't think people belong up there at all…
    7. That is just too weird to comprehend. I mean why in the world are there like those step like "sticks" going way up there.
    8. Did the cops grab you when you got to the bottom?? Because that thing must belong to someone – whatever it is.

  26. My palms and feet would be sweating with fear I’d slip off This guy is insane

  27. Who told you to go up there!! Sorry ya’ll that’s the mom in me

  28. “All That Just To Change A Red Light Bulb…”😮

  29. New subbie! 😮 Omg! I hope you have a harness!!

  30. Wtf. I’m bout to throw up. How the hel do people do this. And reaching out like that. I was screaming “No don’t do that!!” At the video. I can’t watch. It’s to terrifying. Internet clout isn’t worth your life dude.

  31. My instinct inside my body is paniccing watching this.

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