The 1.97 Update Experience | Roblox Parkour

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I cant believe I got so lazy that this video is almost irrelevant lol. Still hopefully enjoyable even though its a bit late.


  1. thats the cleanest parkour i have ever seen


  3. I just watch pros cuz im trash and cant even wallrun dash:<

  4. at this point this game should be named Roblox flying instead of parkour

  5. “Adrenaline Belt and Grapple is so Good 🤓🤓🤓🤓”
    This Build :

  6. parkour players casually breaking newton's laws to create a new path for their new gear:

  7. its kind of infuriating how good some parkour players are

  8. i wish that they got to update 2.0 before leaving forever…

  9. whats the name of that song it cliip 2 of him doing gaps?

  10. on me the thrust capasitor dosent work either how did u fix it?

  11. yo can you make a video on teaching us how to learn everything you know step by step

  12. bro this is how i want to play the game but hoowww!!??!?

  13. Bro you can't even say it's parkour anymore, why not change the name of the game to "flying sim" or smth at this point xD

  14. Bro divided is a higher rank than you even tho i havent seen him post a single parkour vid

  15. The fact that thrust capacitor does not take up any space and it lets you gain a loot of speed is amazing

  16. I wanna get to this guy’s skill level but i know damn well i cant do it with my lazy ass

  17. And I'm over here still struggling with the advance tutorial 💀

  18. I know i sont have many subs but wanna colab ? Or can u give my yt a shoutout

  19. Okay. Now its not a Mirrors Edge. Now its Spider Man Miles Morales

  20. After years of this game's release, the skill roof has gone so high were to the point that almost every brand new gear that comes out immediately becomes an even more insane way to play the game

  21. Parkour is like sky lock but with only speed

  22. old times was so good… BUT NOW UPDATE RUIN ALL!
    just check parkour in 8/16/2023

  23. Thrust is pretty good but it can't cap the capacitor of my


  24. Parkour players going to the speed of light just to slide

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