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  1. Mirrors edge and dying light are good parkour games I see the potential here too

  2. If they could get this type of fluid movement in a game like dying light or some other action rpg it would be insane. Imagine an MMORP game with combat like absolver/for honor and this movement

  3. This is something I never knew existed but need now.

  4. Assassins creed mirage is a pretty good parkour game

  5. Imagine this game with a battle royale mode with guns and weapons 😉

  6. What game is this? I want to buy it.

  7. For a second I thought this was riders republic cuz I haven’t watched jimmy cruck in a long time but this is on a whole other lvl

  8. this has more parkour then the past 3 AC games

  9. It's like Mirror's Edge and Riders Republic had a baby

  10. What is the name of the game and is it available on PlayStation 4?

  11. Im soooo excited i love parkour games i love the animations sooo smooth

  12. Yo it is so sick if there is the beta test i wanna try it

  13. I was the person who commented that if it gets multiplayer and it will avalaible on consoles and pc both than it will be so fire

  14. Hey, thanks for sharing the game with your community. <3

  15. is it free? and whats the name i cant find it on steam

  16. This has got to be the best pigeon simulator that I have ever seen in my life and will probably go down as the best of all time pigeon

  17. There’s also Storror Parkour Pro that’s in development

  18. OMG this is my dream game ive been searching high and low for a good parkour game will surely get when it comes out

  19. Qn Studio Marcela Aguilar Serradilla says:

    your are Spanish no??

  20. I came for the parkour
    I stayed for the pigeon

  21. should try mirrors edge, its story based and not open world but the original one is one of the highest skill games you can speed run IMO.

  22. storror was working on a Parkour game I wonder what happened.

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