The BEST Parkour Game In ROBLOX

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no hate to the real ones @ roblox parkour


  1. it has way too many features for just running around on rooftops

  2. wait for parkour reborn and all these games gonna die

  3. Bro imagine it is the real Parkour reborn, ok no

  4. i agree with this vid, the game is super smooth when you know what you are doing, but also smooth when you are spamming spacebar and holding W lol

  5. Ngl it reminds me of parkour reborn but better.

  6. district cascade is harder than any other game ever – change my mind

  7. i can beat the last two tutorials on mobile lol

  8. If it weren't for such a still and arcade movement… would be amazing, especially if someone created a script to modify the map and put zombies…..I think they know, just reading and realizing that

  9. This vid made me play and get addicted lol

  10. I feel like this game has way too many mechanics that if it isn't there it would change nothing.

  11. The game is really bad. The creator feels like he is 12 or he doesnt speak english. There are too many movement techs and they dont have proper names and get confusing. He phrases the tutorial so bad.

  12. Are u Danish ? Just because i saw your name was something with Valdemar

  13. among us studios are gonna be sad when they see this

  14. District cascade is better (have battle,well, all the rest of the mirrors edge mechanics) but only PC and costs 50 robux

  15. How to play game is closed(I think I need some rank in group)

  16. Make a mobile please I'll wait I I have to because there's one developer

  17. Idk if it is better but i know a game called orion protocol and its more realistic parkour and for me it’s better

  18. Once parkour reborn is done reborn will be the better one just gotta wait

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