Clumsy Fred is a ragdoll physics based simulation 3D game where you step in the shoes of Fred and follow him on his strange endeavours to learn how to run without falling, while overcoming different challenges and obstacles.



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Meet Fred, a good and honest guy. Fred only ever wanted to get to the finish without falling down. But there is one problem – he is VERY clumsy when it comes to running fast, even the slightest obstacle can make him trip and fall down. Poor guy! Will you help Fred out?

You have a time limit to get to the finish. Be careful of the obstacles, because collision drains your health and, more importantly, costs you time if you fall. If you do not make it in time you have to restart the level.

Go trough each checkpoint, avoiding obstacles, until you reach the finish within the time limit. Upon reaching the finish line you will unlock a new level of the game.

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  1. hello olli43 do u remember me u replied me and u said +sabashtain Garrard 😂

  2. Olli…. bro…… no offense, but you've got ZERO chill.

  3. This is more funnier better than third person Mirrors Edge

  4. What happened to Olli, that's not the same guy I subbed to two years ago

  5. It took an hour to hit 1,000 views on a channel that has over 1M subs. Wow.

  6. Olli looks like a video game playing Ed Sheeran

  7. I thought Ed Sheeran was an artist not a gaming youtuber

  8. I am trying to start my channel please go Like and Subscribe please it would mean a lot

  9. I subscribed!!! Great and Funny content and I love it!

  10. That has been a funny parkour episode, but could have been better if it was a two man game with George playing.

  11. Clumsy Fred the game where nine times out of ten you won't even get past the top of the stairs.

  12. Pleaaaseee do a collab vid with Zerkaa!! You and Josh are my favorite youtubers 😀

  13. Omg this is game is JUST LIKE DARK SOULS,I finished it zero deaths

  14. You wear glasses now. Cool. You make my day every time I watch you

  15. I shit my pants watching this video

  16. why do you never put a link to the game in the description…

  17. I’m rewatching all your old videos, because it’s seems they’ve reset the likes on it. No video I watch says I’ve liked it, which is a lie

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