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  1. would like to see custom avatars but thats prob work in progress and a mpa expansion after the dlc is bought and some items across the map

  2. Can’t wait for it to release and for us to try it! So excited!

  3. first proper parkour game i've seen and i'm excited for it

  4. hopefully there will be some sort of multiplayer session with other people around the map. tbh i doubt i'll play this if it'll just be me in a pretty big map all by myself

  5. the thing that really makes this game special is all the mechanics and just all the little effects while in first person mode

  6. Ola eu sou brasileiro queria saber se vai ter pra Android ou so console?Hello, I'm Brazilian, I wanted to know if it will be available for Android or just a console?

  7. Hopefully a tag vs mode for multiplayer

  8. for a early access look beautiful but looks are deceiving cough cough Undisputed

  9. I hope there is the smoth skipping u know when u run over like bars so u Jump kinda but not ever standing still

  10. It should be “rooftops allys and pigeons”

  11. tiene una pinta de locos, se nota el curro q hay detras. sigue asi jimmy

  12. If this amazing looking game could somehow include injuries like in Skate's Hall of Meat it'd be the greatest game of all time. With that said i'm super hyped for a proper parkour game even without any of that

  13. God, it would be perfect if this developer could make some sort of collab with Storror!

  14. Si les gusta este kuego les recomiendo Mirror's Edge.

  15. I think it would get boring fast. Also pc only makes it an L

  16. There should be character customization😮
    1- different expression for the head
    2- clothing changeable
    3- cool snickers (other)
    4- able to change the backpack
    5- the colour of the character

    (Ik your not the developer just saying ideas)

  17. This has pretty much everything to became a parkour Tony Hawk-like game. The most important is already there and the development deserves the compliments.

    I just imagine what he did to make the movements so smooth and accurate.

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