The Best VR Parkour Game Isn’t Bonelab

Meta Quest:

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Controversy
1:00 – Impressions
4:08 – Gameplay


  1. WTF is wrong with VR devs? They're always like 15 years behind other game devs. Why do they spawn an NPC if the NPC isn't even coded to look the player in the eye?? I'd rather they just have the NPC speak over the radio. This is so braindead. These devs are terrible.

  2. June 10, 2022? They were releasing trailers for the update even late last year. I bought it in December 2022 a day or few before they announced the delay in the update with a Steam News post.

  3. Games like this are unacceptable in 2023. I'm sick of waiting for a great VR game. I bought the Rift S when it came out and the Quest 2 a year after it's release. After seeing what devs are capable of I'm selling them both and I'm quitting VR for the next 10 years. VR is not going anywhere.

  4. I bought STRIDE in 2021… Nice.. Thanks for the heads up…

  5. looks like fun. even though its disappointing in some areas. a real lack of sound effects in some places seems immersion breaking. and the lack of a manual reload is really disappointing.

  6. I bought stride on oculus on 6 aug 2021. I know the content was thin but bought it to have a go and get the full campaign mode. Does the free version apply to oculus purchases swell as steam. great vid too.

  7. You are, by far, my favorite VR YouTube content creator, keep it up!
    You are funny and have a good voice!

  8. No sound when you land after a grapple, NPC not facing you when talking to you lol, combat looks passable but nothing remarkable and pacing feels weird

  9. seems like an intresting game, hope they add mod suport so the community can make custom maps

  10. I was very disappointed with STRIDE because it was just a timetrial type of game and the developer later focused too much on the multiplayer aspect. Good thing Joyway has now decided to make "Fates" available for free to Early Access buyers so I can get to our single player campaign after all.

    The AI seems to have some dropouts sometimes, is that correct? I hope it will be more attentive and aggressive in the final version.
    I'm also curious how the graphics will look like in the PCVR version.

    Good video, I'm always happy when a new one pops up in my feed.

  11. Do the enemies just go limp when you grab them? That guy you threw off the roof had no reaction to being flung to his doom beyond a tiny yelp when he hit the ground 😂

  12. Finally some good SINGLE PLAYER game for PC. Thaks for your preview.

  13. @3:05 The preview build you got is Quest 2 but you are playing on PC. How does this work?

  14. What sucks is that this Free Key announcement wasnt done over Steam but over Discord.
    Its weird that you have to apply for a key anyway, just use the steam tools to do it automatically, but I guess so they wont need to give out a key to everyone because people will forget

  15. STRIDE is amazing i would buy it three times over !

  16. When the main character is voice acted by ai

  17. the full body IK looks like it'll need some work, you can very easily tell its still the floating arms but with a slapped on forearms because the hand is turning at the start of the wrist bone, not the end of it, especially when you twist your hand at an angle, hope they completely re-do the body

  18. "The game starts you on a rooftop, staring at some ass"

    haha nice, but seriously really looking forward to this

  19. I really enjoy the movement in STRIDE, and this looks great. Been wishing for a Mirror's Edge VR for ages… I really hope they can capture that magic. This demo still seems more gunplay-heavy than I'd like – maybe it'll be enjoyable, but I loved Mirror's Edge's ethos of any encounter can be completed without any shooting. Also, you're downplaying how garbo that voice acting is, holy shit. Hopefully it's just AI-generated placeholder. At the very, VERY least maybe they'll make the AI not braindead for the final release. Got a lot on my wishlist here… please pull thru Joy Way

  20. I saw that it was coming with a campaign and I was gonna buy it but decided to wait until it dropped😅

  21. I will deff be buying this GG devs that cake stare funny asf

  22. I'm so glas this looks better than stride. huge step up

  23. actually the voices in the demo where ai generated in the full game they will have actuell voice acting

  24. I would love a manual reload option, although I get why they chose to go the N64 Goldeneye route.

  25. “The game starts you off on a rooftop, staring at some ass.”

    IM SOLD 💰

  26. it's gonna get some better voice acting👀i have some…. "sources"

  27. I previously regretted getting the game on steam instead of oculus.
    Now it turns out I made the right choice 🙂

  28. Where do I get the game if I bought the original between the given dates?

  29. Wait really the vr parkour game is a better parkour game than the vr physics game?

  30. Who tf thinks bonelab is a parkour game?

  31. bonelab isnt even near a parkour game blade & sorcery is prob the best parkour game thats out (that isnt the current stride we have rn)

  32. I initially didn’t want to make direct comparisons to bonelab since that game is more about using physics to solve puzzles. But man the jank in that game makes the pacing so slow. Stride Fates is basically Bonelab without the jank. And I love it

  33. @Virtual Insider From the bit of where you mentioned having bought the game between septermber 4th and june of 2022 I actually did in fact buy the original stride back on September 12 2020 but for some reason I still haven't gotten Stride fates for free.. I'd hate to have to buy the game if this is something that was supposed to happen.. smh.

  34. I haven't played this game yet, but plan on getting it once on sale. I've seen a bit of the first 10-20 minutes of the game. I'd seen the first 'hacking' bit using the phone, and it reminds me of the Watch_Dogs series. Parkour, combat, and (probably a very tiny bit of) hacking. I'm super excited.
    I wished to see a WD game in VR, which obviously won't happen, after the Assassins Creed VR release and this is the closest and coolest thing to it.

  35. The AI is what’s putting me off buying this game. They look beyond dumb and clueless of their surroundings.

  36. Dude i bought strive like a year or two ago cuz it was parkour but since im on quest i dont get the sedond one for free 🙁

  37. Comparing bonelabs “parkour” to a game based on parkour is very dumb, bonelab is not a parkour game in the first place, stride is

  38. I have both stride games. If you're on the fence about it, i think the first one is significantly better. First of all, its half the price. Second the replayability is way better. I still choose to play the original 9 times out of 10 over fates. Its almost like they made Fates too realistic or something and the movement is really clunky.

  39. God this game looks so good, but yeah nah them voices gotta go
    I cant tell if thats AI or actual voice acting but tbh forget the story if its gonna sound like that

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