The BEST VR Parkour Game | STRIDE | Launch Livestream (1080p60fps)

The action parkour shooter Stride hits PSVR today, and I’m a big fan, let’s check out some gameplay!

The game releases at 1PM Eastern for $15

Thank YOU for watching and supporting!


*Press code provided by Joy Way, but as you know, NEVER affects my opinion*


  1. If you still dream of falling asleep in psvr I recommend homestar vr

  2. Awesome! Missed the stream how was it though?

  3. I knew you were gonna dig this game. I doubt I will get it since I already have PCVR and Quest versions but I still might triple-dip just to help support the developers and push to a PSVR2 upgrade someday. .

  4. Really hoping this isn't another doomed PSVR port. It makes me wonder if they did the low initial starting price, so that if it bombs they won't support it, and you get what you pay for (kinda like Until you Fall)
    Brought it just before to support the devs 🤞

  5. The gameplay looks super fun. I'm glad they're pricing it for the content it has, not what it's supposed to get eventually. Wish the price were a little lower (maybe a launch day discount?), but I'm seriously considering picking it up. That said, I'm trying not to buy more PSVR games until we know more about PSVR 2 backward compatibility or the upgrade path for PSVR 1 games (will we have to buy the game again? Pay for an upgrade? Free upgrade?).

  6. Great stream.. I definitely get a Matrix vibe from this. Looks like an awesome challenge for me 💪🏻🤘🏻

  7. Thanks AJ! I always loved the original Mirror's Edge and I really dig fitness games. This has got my name written all over it.

    EA missed a trick not porting ME over to PSVR, so I'm glad someone else stepped up. I'm gonna put the ME soundtrack on and play the hell out of this when I get the chance!

    (Also, despite many attempts I still haven't been able to beat your records in Sprint Vector, so I'll just have to try again with Stride lol)

  8. Fantastic game. I love it so much that I'm working on a trophy guide right now! It was been addicting to play and pull off bad ass kills in Arena 🙂 you got it down also based on your movements! The time runs on hard are insane.

  9. Is anyone else having a issue w the right hand not appearing :/

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