grapple is the best thing to happen to me


►Code: sketch


► My Brother BANDI:


  1. man the grappler in parkour looks so much easier to use, damn i might come back

  2. They need to make this for mobile I would grind this game

  3. Hey Sketch what’s the name and writer of the song played at 3:25

  4. Sketch, play col battlegroun gaem they added new moves to balde master1!!1111!!!!1

  5. Sketch weird strict dad has a second chapter go play it please 🥺

  6. Sketch, i played the first parkour when it came out, but im too poor for reborn rn. maybe on the 24th when it becomes 350 i can teach you a few things like reverse wall running. and yes i play on PC. aight loved this video hope you see this and accept. i would love to help. my username is Rydogemaster17.

  7. sketch: chapter 69. the reborn of the fallen knight of parkour.

  8. I cant play the game.. it jsut leads me to a blank screen..
    anyone know why?

  9. Hey Sketch play this game called phighting it is very fun also you are my favortie youtuber also to the person reading this use his starcode

  10. The game is going to be cheaper in two days also have a good thanksgiving 🙂

  11. all fun and stuffs but now buy me the pre alpha i am going insane

  12. I like he uses the giorno theme in the 30 seconds of the video

  13. Bro if it would be me i would watch him play this game for hours lol

  14. Play dummies vs noobs it takes some time but

  15. Sketch will parkour reborn alpha available for mobile?

  16. sketch please play random freinds its a rainbow freinds parody game.

  17. Btw i was the 69th person to like the video

  18. Bro donate me i just want to play this game (Purple_guy1829) pleaseee i want to buy this game

  19. "Hi, my name is sketchy parker and I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last months? I feel like the only one spiderman"

  20. when will he learn to wallclimb boost 🙁

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