The History of Hogwarts Legacy Parkour Records

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thanks to all the runners that helped me make this (partycat, yungmicrowave,and me dogpole) and thank you to @SummoningSalt for making such a good video essay format to blatantly copy

Thank you to Big League Hogwarts Parkour Team for helping me make this video and not ejecting me from the community when I spliced my video live on Twitch.

List of all music in this video:

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  1. bros out here saying "for the time" like the game didnt come out a week ago lmaoooo, great video, made me lol

  2. Took a day off work to watch this one.Stunning documentary. Absolutely mesmerizing to see this record go up and up over the days, huge congrats to all the runners. The insane amount of hard work these guys put in is just admirable.Aren't AI algorithms in development to count the steps on the sorcerers spiral?

  3. Someone’s been watching one too many Summoning Salt videos. I know you wanna beat the rest of the crowd to make this video but the game has only been out for a week and you’re talking about “the history 😭”

  4. Damn man partycat, yungmicrowave, dogpole. Hogwarts Parkour legends ✨️

  5. Imagine splicing your run and throwing away any trust and respect from the community. It sucks because we know the countless hours he spent trying to even get recognized in the hogwarts parkour community. What a shame

  6. It's amazing to see the harry potter parkour screen progress this much.

  7. so happy to be seeing this covered! Partycat has been a huge inspiration of mine for a good while now and he's genuinely such a wholesome dude in the community. Thanks for this!

    also I looked on twitch and didn't find any runners named "party cat". Well there was this one V tuber but they weren't playing harry potter and when I asked if they like that game they said no I don't


  10. we hit the 41 likes everyone, finally the 41 set gets the recognition it deserves. one like = one step and thats one step per step closer to a closer harry potter hogwarts parkour community.
    thanks again for everyone involved and a huge props to the Big League Hogwarts Parkour Team for letting me stay part of the community even after the splice that split the community in half.
    if you have swag hogwarts parkour clips or think you can clear a set bigger than 41 then post it to the r/HogwartsParkour subreddit.

  11. In my opinion, I think the old days were the best, people focused on unique ideas in their parkour. Every time I interacted with the community some wiz kid came up with some new jump or tech. Modern parkour is too out of touch, players are too invested in getting a new set record rather than just having fun.

  12. Thanks for all the support, I still think the Infinity set counts (how could it not) I'll continue to innovate, 540 , 720 900? Nothing will stop my hunger for Hogwarts Parkour

  13. Far out PartyCat has so much swag dude! Truly was and is an innovator!

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