The Importance of Great Traversal Systems (and my dream parkour game)

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  1. Wait didn’t you already make this video?

  2. That is right movement should be a priority in video games. rockstar cof…🤔

  3. And let’s be honest and address the elephant in the room. The importance of traversal is a significant reason why a certain franchise previously renowned for its parkour is suddenly such a chore to play. No creativity, no momentum, just un-engaging, lacklustre forward movement on horseback or simplistic climbing. It’s become nothing more than a means to an end, which is why fast travel has become pretty much essential.

  4. how dare u show clip from ubisoft game u r literally complacent actually no u are as bad as sergey

    Banger vid as always! Enjoyed watching this one.

  5. My dream parkour game would be a simulation game of what parkour actually feels like, so kind of like Mirrors edge but without enemies and more slower and realistic parkour without any of the flashiness of Mirrors Edge. It would be a game that's hard as fuck and one tiny mistake can get you killed. Think of it as the original Mafia (the original 2002 one not the shitty remake) a game that simulated 1930s guns and cars extremely authentically.

  6. you're honestly a legend for remembering that miniclip game. i remember playing it a lot as a kid

  7. 4:43 I get the vibe that you wrote this, realized it rhymed, and then added “bars” afterwards, lmao. Good vid once again, my dude.

  8. A niche indie game made by people who are passionate about their craft? Honestly, that sounds refreshing. Let’s hope it gains popularity, it could be one of those games that shifts the industry’s direction in a best case scenario. Even if it isn’t, it still sounds amazing.

  9. I'd like to recommend you some games: the Titanfall games. They have the BEST freedom in movement because of the high speed that you can get with some abilities, such as grapple.

  10. Had my eyes already on the Storror game, it seems really promising seeing as the devs have made some games with great reception, what worries me is the actual development process, I believe that Storror wonæt drop the project but I kinda feel like the devs will either get in over there heads at some point and pass the development to another studio and begin a vicious cycle of delays or come out with something great, like the Culling but over time lose focus and fuck it up. The Balls in their court, they surely cant fuck this up!

  11. Bro even though you did about Mentioned Assassin's Creed but it Would have been more better if you have just said AC-Unity, because everyone knows It's Parkour Is The Best we've ever seen in any TPP game and also you feel it bro( looks natural , feels natural and more important it makes you do Parkour 😂 I have tried some of its moves )
    Assassin's Creed Unity is still Fire 🔥 even it is 6yr old

  12. Why isn't Prototype mentioned? It has like one of the best movement system

  13. Ive actually been going to parkour gyms on and off for years. Used to be able to do wallflips and shit, havent done super advanced shit like that for a while though. I was always really enamored with the way the environmental charm of the game could go hand in hand with traversal, it really highlights the things that parkour and art have in common. Flow, composition, direction, movement, grace and fluidity and style and precise intent done so well it looks improvised… like, am i talking abt parkour or the environments in which you do it??? The allure of both goes hand in hand

  14. Maybe try Dying light? It is a parkour game set in a city run full of zombie.

  15. holy shit i just got the most intense flashback of my life with you mentioning the freerunning miniclip game

  16. lowkey my team and i have been planning to work on exactly this since like 2018

  17. Look at the Prototype series,that movement is amazing

  18. Surprised Dying Light didn't get a mention since that's one of the more modern parkour games and it handles it really well.

    And there's actually a dedicated parkour game from 2007 titled Free Running developed by Rebellion and Core Design, I never played it but when I was younger I was obsessed with parkour in games and really wanted to play it, it has a steam release for $5.99 so it might be worth checking out.

  19. Sonic Unleashed Day Levels are insaaneee

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