The most exciting crazy extreme esports #parkour

Parkour is a crazy extreme sport. If you like to participate in such sports, you need to protect your body parts, especially your ankles and Achilles tendons.
This link is a column about sports protection in my Amazon store:


  1. I used to get away from popos doing basic parkour😂

  2. どいつもこいつもバケモンで草

  3. Wwwau fantastic!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  4. 1. Disabled Fall damage
    5. 1 fail and U all wet
    6. Disabled gravitation
    10. Spiderman 2.0

  5. It was just like an amazing magic I really really so appreciate this❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Obviously their skills for this are extreme but this is not cool and is not a good example for kids too: every day many of these guys are going to hospitals with serious injuries, even many of them died and all this for a like or to feel adrenaline in that way… Would you like if your son is involved with this stuff? (These are just the successful examples of this, you should watch videos with "the other side" of this stuff.)

  7. This is the best parkour video I’ve ever seen in my life

  8. I trip walking down the stairs. So all of them are impossible

  9. Trucaje todo, todo por inteligencia artificial

  10. Back in my days comments had answers.

  11. Si no se fijarom en la ultima traia cascos de realidad vr

  12. 6 is that one scene from spider verse where miles jumps over the car

  13. I thought it was 5 but then it went to 6 I rated that #1

  14. and the 7th one and the 7th one must have hurt 😢

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