The Perfect Parkour Game

I love this game so much


  1. Good vids man. Keep it up. Can't wait until you get to titanfall 2. (Please review it even if you have it on origin and not in your steam library. I'll fuckin gift it to you on steam aslong as you review it) I bought it twice for myself once on steam and once on origin and have gifted it to probably 20 people

  2. Dude thats the best content ive seen in a while

  3. wow this is a good review hope you do more 😀

  4. Great vid bro (kinda reminds me of nakey jakey)

  5. This guys just said f*ck a face cam imma stand in the middle of the screen

  6. I can say, dying light in my opinion is better then this

  7. Where’s karlson, I’m waiting a video on karlson game

  8. I got ghost runner the day I saw tho video, I beat it in two days. I just got one thing to say…MARA IS LITERALY THE EASIEST BOSS FIGHT IN THE ENTIRE GAME. Tom was hands down twice as hard

  9. I bought this game and it was worth it easily a top 10 game I’ve ever played

  10. I didnt even realise this was your first video, its so well done

  11. I didn't realize this was your first youtube video until after I watched it, noice
    You remind me of nakeyjake
    I like nakeyjake


  13. jesus christ you fucking deserve so much more subs than this wtf

  14. get hollow knight its alot like this but you have to wait 30 sec to get to the boss fight only to die for the 47th time

  15. Nah this is a copy of Karlson what you haven’t heard of karlson it’s only the 10th most wish listed game

  16. Honestly, I can see this guy getting big (on YouTube)

  17. you should play katana zero its similar to this but with a really cool story

  18. These videos are so entertaining but u only have 3

  19. Didn't Ghostrunner steal from KARLSON 3D?

    Oh, you're wondering what KARLSON is?

    It's just another game a youtuber called "Dani" is working on. It's currently the (idk, ~10th?) most wishlisted game on Steam, so smash wishlist now, gamers!

  20. "who's the fast guy?"
    "Usain Bolt"

  21. This dude got a subscribe from me for a multitude of reasons. For one quality comedy and quality video production. Also all the the first video is about ghostrunner which is a god tier game so yeah

  22. This is the wholesome content that I needed <3

  23. have you herd of karlson

    well if you havent

    it's the one of the 20th most wishlist game on steam right now

  24. Good luck, kid! You've got talent. Just don't make a Discord or anything similar

  25. I think INfamous is more fun in parkour but thats my opinion

  26. Ok, but have you heard of Karlson? Oh you don't know what Karlson is? IT'S JUST A LIL FEHfiesfgskjrgjrgkrjshgkrsjgjdmghgd

  27. Charjie:*tries karlson when its out*
    Charjie again:wait.. this is literally fake ghostrunner.
    Charjie again and again:i realize karlson alpha is out before ghostrunner…
    Charjie again and again and more:ey yo wt-

  28. You would probably like the game Furi it's really challenging and fast pace. No levels only bosses ready to beat your ass, super rewarding to beat them tho

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