The Perfect Parkour Game

I love this game so much


  1. I going to buy ghostrunner but I can’t play because my computer is bad

  2. We are in an age of junky janker types of channels

  3. Bruh I’ve been trying to get through the laboratory but I haven’t had enough patience or time to sit down and finish it😂

  4. This content is amazing but nobody wachtes it

  5. For anyone who likes this kind of games i know the game just for you, Titanfall 2
    Its a mustplay

  6. I'm not gonna lie to you , you make so good reviews bro keep up!!

  7. Dude this is some really good content my guy. Simmilar to nakeyjakey. But kinda unique

  8. Why are you so freaking good at keeping me listening. This has gotta be the best YouTube video I’ve seen in a bit.

  9. @charjie keep doin what your doin man great first vid and I can’t wait for more to come

  10. Hello Charjie i recomend to you a game called Karlson Bye

  11. Can you do a review on call of duty cold war

  12. Damn dude that’s a fantastic first video. Looking forward for more.

  13. "i had no plans on getting this game…… alright now i have plans in getting this game" -charjie

  14. Damn, great start! Your video style reminds me a mix of Michael Reeves and Nakey Jakey, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  15. As a speedruner of the game it makes me happy to see you enjoy getting your ass beaten. You should go back and try to beat the game on hardcore now. That's a beast in it's own. Keep up the work my guy. 🙂

  16. You should check the definition of dystopia. Nice vid

  17. what the hell i been doing youtube for a long time but you already have 2k subs

  18. Ur like the perfekt youtuber for me nojoke. Ur content kinda reminds me of NakeyJakeys content

  19. Have you played hardcore cause I have and never felt like swan diving off a roof more in my life

  20. You should make more videos this is really high quality

  21. dude amazing video, what mic do you have btw?

  22. This is like Scott the woz level videos I love it

  23. Graphically speaking this game is also insane, the lights are pre-baked and there's DLSS, wich means I am able to play on 4k 60fps all settings to max RTX on on a single rtx 2060

  24. There are only five dislikes, gotta love it

  25. Bruh there's a game called karlson that's made by a YouTube called dani who was making it at the same time as ghostrunner but there's no momentum cap you can use your momentum at any speed but it doesn't look as good as ghostrunner in graphics wise you might wanna try it out after its released

  26. I'm so happy to be on your channel while it is in the early stages, so I can flex when you get famous. Because believe me, your gonna get there.

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