The Perfect Parkour Game

I love this game so much


  1. You remind me of josiahjeub. He is a way smaller YouTuber than you but has a similar style of comedy. Go sub to josiahjeub.

  2. you really got potential to grow bro keep at it

  3. Subbed before 500 can’t wait for this kid to have a mil in less than a month

  4. To the one person that disliked the video, i dislike you

  5. This game gives me a lot of syndicate videos not the parkour just the atmosphere

  6. Cyberpunk got delayed to my b-day can I get a happy early birthday

  7. this was outstanding my guy keep em coming

  8. Man amazing quality, keep it uo

  9. When I first came up on the wall of bullets character I screamed and sat there for like 10 minutes trying to figure it out then I realized I could juke them by crouching last minutes and cutting down the tower while on the wall with fire it sucks

  10. I really enjoyed watching this review and it was really well made good video

    (Also to those comments that are like POV:*insert words here* let me just tell you no one cares)

  11. So basically fun great graphics great gameplay but hurts your brain……..ok!

  12. Yo when you going to get to the H games in your Steam Library.

  13. You and me feel the same about the game when you seen it and the wall of death is the worst and I can’t beat boos girl

  14. I am so excited to see how you progress as a content creator. Your unique review style is great and I can’t wait to see you grow in success over time. Best of luck with the channel, I’ve subscribed

  15. I managed finished the first boss in like four mins
    Not on first try tho

  16. This is crazy good bro, subbed with notifs and I only have notifs on for 4 youtubers. You should stream!

  17. Yussssss, he did what i have asked for sooo looonggg, thank you, your content is amazing

  18. M8 u r the funniest man alive😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂death ☠️

  19. For a first video this is amazing man, incredible start

  20. Ok ok


    Do you wishlisted Karlson
    You don't know what is karlson
    It just a game that you can wishlist now

    Made by a dude named Dani (also a youtube)

  21. Jesus christ this is high quality for a first upload!!!??? Wow

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