the state of parkour games

run, jump, and climb your way through this list of some wonderful parkour games of the past, present, and future.

0:00 – Dying Light 2
2:21 – Good Old Parkour
3:32 – Modern Parkour
5:50 – Upcoming Parkour
7:43 – The Opposite of Parkour

Dying Light 2:
Tomb Raider Remastered:
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time:
AC Black Flag:
Mirror’s Edge

Rooftops & Alleys:
Project Feline:
Guinea Pig Parkour:
Lorn’s Lure:
A Difficult Game About Climbing:
Baby Steps:
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  1. I miss prototype so much that’s the game that made me like parkour

  2. Talking about the Topics that NEED to talked about. Thank ya Ma’am. I’m a new Subscriber now👍🏾👍🏾

  3. fortunately rooftops and alleys is releasing on march 21. Great vid tho, spot on with your explanations.

  4. Dying light 2 would've been so perfect if it was in e3 state like it had so many parkour and dangers of parkour unfortunately writer has been fired of accusations and og devs left so we got this DL2 instead

  5. i love love love how mirrors edge (the original) feels, its so tactile and simple, the level designs were pretty dynamic too. I always loved mirrors edge and the first assassins creed, both had a kind of simplicity of atmosphere that i found deeply satisfying. favorite level in mirrors edge involves jumping onto a moving subway train.

  6. If you want good parkour Assassin's Creed Unity is really good. Syndicate was right after and is decent as well. Story wise, Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations with Ezio is super good! 🔥

  7. Still need to get around to Dying Light 😅 I'm not a horror guy

  8. Oh the things I would do for a new Mirror's Edge game…

    Having only played Odyssey, I also really want to check out the earlier Assassin's Creed games like 1/Unity/Syndicate. The historical worlds of those games look so cool to me.

    Titanfall 2 also had some great parkour even if the movement system is quite different from the games that you mentioned here

  9. Dying light, Assassins Creed and Mirrors Edge. Maybe Watch Dogs and Sleeping Dogs but thats stretching it a bit.

  10. Recommending Pseudoregalia for some retro 3D platforming parkour ✨

  11. BABBDI review BABBDI! With the trumpet and the motorcycle!

  12. Really wanted to like Lorna’s Lure but it was a bit on the slow and tedious side for me. Atmosphere was great though.

  13. I don't know if it counts, but Sunset Overdrive has some of my favorite open world traversal. I guess you're more of a superhero than a parkour person in that game though.

  14. Check out SPRAWL! Then check out SPRAWL speedruns!

  15. Ghostrunner 2 is out, and as a big fan of the original (down to doing speedruns for it), I would call the sequel "the sum of its parts". It's not bad, but a lot of the changes and additions can feel disjointed, and the game is truthfully a bit longer than it needs to be.

  16. my favourite parkour experience is dishonored 1. it has a really snappy engine and movement mechanics & abilities, and the level design accommodates a lot of strategies for getting from A to B. I like when parkour games have immersive sim elements, takes out some of the pressure of traversal

  17. Damn, Mirror's Edge just doesn't age. Had a great time playing that in stereoscopic 3D, back when that was a thing.

    I like the look of Feline. Speaking of JSR-likes, have you tried Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

  18. You gotta play Mirrors Edge ASAP. That game is a game that is pretty perfect, I put it up with other short linear classics like Portal with how timeless they are. Can’t believeeeee you haven’t played it

  19. The problem with parkour games now is the same problem of every niche genre the urge to appeal to a "casual" audience is watering down the experiences from being unique and skill based like mirrors edge to the hold action button of the assassin's creed titles.

  20. Parkour games are just so incredibly niche that you'd be hard pressed to find any games offering exclusively parkour comin out now. It's always nice to see it be a focus, like in dying light 2, but so many movement systems have been implemented in videogames which encourage mobility without the use of parkour (I.E Titanfall 2, Ultrakill) that most people don't want to master a complex movement system which is limited by believable actions, and would often rather go for something more freeform.

  21. Not a game you can play on PC, but I'm reminded of the Little Big Planet series, especially LBP2.
    It's core genre (outside it's"Create, Play, Share" design ethos) is a physics-based platformer with mild puzzle elements, and the community with LBP2 took the physics system to town with some truly inspired parkour levels

  22. In a day where gaming prioritizes lazy and uninteresting fast travel or boring on foot /driving I wish more AAA games implemented fun traversal.

  23. story was so mid. Making it focused on finding your sister was such a L

  24. Very good video for a relatively small channel! Keep it up!

  25. nice review of dying light 2 you’re based asf for mentioning how shit the story is

    but another parkour-ish game being worked on that im pretty hyped for is skate 4 since ea is combining the janky skate physics from the 3rd game and implementing a free running parkour system alongside it!

    it being a sandbox game too you can place your own objects and create full courses (hopefully)

  26. I think we need a game that is completely focused in parkour, something similar to skate games or steep with a simple story of being the best of the best with vaults and shit and located in some urban city

  27. Dying Light 1 was such an enjoyable game. The movement and the combat felt really easy to me. Now Dying Light 2 is really fun, but the parkour feels too realistic. There is just too much loss of control mechanics during combat and parkour. It really feels off and weird when you are used to DL1.

  28. I know it is not a parkour game but İnfamous Second Son had great parkour-like traversal mechanics for a game you can literually fly. It was like AC but instead of bunch of scripted animation it is you that controls character.

  29. For first person parkour games the two best are dying ligth 2 and mirror edge catalyst. Dying ligth 2 got the most complex and easy to use system but it feels janky, the map fully open so you can climb towers from the ground up and run through a few floor in every building so its feels truly open but its repetitive. Mirror edge catalyst got the smoothest parkour but the map is extremely linear but it got a few more open area like the alley way,construction zone,ect. alot of the fun in the game is finding routes the developer hid or that weren't intended by the devs. map knowledge and abusing the game mechanics is extremely important in mirror edge catalyst if you actually wanna have fun with the game parkour system so putting countless hours trying to find new routes and breaking the games intended way of playing is required to actually have fun with the game so it's really not a game i would recommend to anyone apart from speedrunners.

  30. Definitely gonna keep an eye out on some of those indies.

    I haven't really seen or played any games where losing all your momentum from a bad jump didn't feel worse than it felt good to be doing tricks.

    Higher skill floor movement like The Pathless or Neon White are more my speed.

  31. Very cool video. Parcour is so pleasing to watch i allways love it when i can do some in games.

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