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  1. First watched this vid in 2015 or 16 and today I randomly remembered the introductory song of this vid.

  2. So cool to come back and see that I can actually do some of these things now

  3. This is still pure poetry in motion men rememder back all those years oga when i saw this video fore the first time and that it encouraged me to keep going and work harder then I have ever done before and to take all this motivation and to put it to use in creating my own style of freerunning and to perfect it just like all the other amazing freerunners out there so are there still some free run bro's out there let me hear ya'll!!!!!💪🏻👊🏻❤

  4. I love that there ale lots of czech freerunners and spots

  5. Who were searching for watch of this Video is legendary !

  6. still enjoy coming back here. remember listening to the video all the time 10 years ago

  7. Ahh it’s about time I randomly remembered this video and searched it back up lol

  8. Раньше канал по другому назывался

  9. Legendary video that introduce this sport as it should be , I'm glad that I watched it right when it dropped and I'm doing it again

  10. This video makes the gods jealous of the meaning in moving under this kind of tension.

  11. This is what teenagers in Hot Topic used to look like. Why doesn’t anyone dress like this anymore?

  12. Everytime i watch parkour doing some jump or flip it makes me amaze 🤩👍🏻

  13. Who knew I would see it 11 years ago and I managed to do Parkour ❤️‍🩹🖤

  14. “I liked their lights and their shirts” Eric (4 years old)

  15. My 20 year old brain says, “Go for it.” My 63 year old body says, “Are you out of your f*ing mind?”

  16. Saudades de 2016 qnd eu assistia essa pedrada❤

  17. I was about to cry watching this peace of art, It brings a lot of beautiful memories of Golden days 💙💫🙏

  18. videos like these are the reason i was so athletic as a kid I wanted to be like them

  19. i watched this when i was like 6 and wtf it still slaps

  20. What happened to parkour people, did they go extinct?

  21. I was a college student when i first watched this .. ,when life was so simple,when cellphones just have 64 mb internal memories, when i worry only with mu grades ..missed the old days

  22. The life so much changed is not the same anymore like 2000-2015 😢

  23. бесстрашные и годы тренировки. красиво всё.

  24. Огромный, жирный лайкос! Это просто богически!

  25. I remember I could flips off off tables and was able to do it cause of this video great memories still have the video on my Facebook

  26. After 11 years, I revisited. Guess what..?
    The nostalgic feeling is beyond natural.
    I literally shed tears going through this Memory.
    What about you ?

  27. 11 años y me sigue inspirando 😎

  28. I used to watch this video all the time in 2014. I had a broken wrist and I learned how to do a front flip with the cast on this was back when the PS4 library was horrible lol great times

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