Third Person Parkour Shooter Game – Unreal Engine 4


  1. Others making dev logs over years and years building a big community with this stuff. How does they do that?

  2. Very cool.

    If you don't mind, where do your bullets come from, and what is their trajectory?
    I'm tackling the problem of when a projectile weapon is so offset from the camera, it can be difficult to align what you're aiming at and what you actually hit.
    For example what happens when you shoot at the target which you can see from the camera's point of view, but the player's view is obstructed by a wall?

  3. wow looks very fluid and fun to play with!

    the sounds made me think of mr krabs xd

  4. This is the first showcase of an indie parkour game that actually looks cool and its smooth. Good fucking job!

  5. The sound of the gun scared the shet out of me

  6. Very good very nice
    I clicked the like button for you
    And it turned gay for a sec

  7. Where do I download the Locomotion System

  8. fucking felt like metal gear rising, also no footstep sounds?

  9. Awesome looking stuff. I noticed you dropped a link to your discord on another comment. Can I have the invitation as well? I wish to talk to you on how you implemented this sometime

  10. looks smooth, but can you make the parcour seem cooler by adding different animations for vaults and jumps, I feel like not many games do that and it would def make ur game stand out

  11. Dood yo this is amazing, did you ever release this project for us to check out? is it on the store?

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