this deathrun will MAX your battlepass

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  1. I got 1600 per coin and there are like 2-8 coins per level nice

  2. Bruh this guy man, I just want to reach lvl 100 but he just scams me by lying. Why are yts like this. Anyone found out how to get good xp, pls tell me pls

  3. Super charged gives 2k xp per checkpoint

  4. Alr so ima play it and give my opinion in the replies good luck ig

  5. When I looked at the screen on yt yours was like 10000xp + ans I looked up and mine was 10700xp bro w video thanks
    And I got 200000 by he 3rd xp button
    And I got 300000xp now and no I can't here your pc overheating😅I mean just a bit

  6. You just got your self a sub bro thx this is going to help me

  7. The last level is impossible don’t waste your time

  8. Don’t forget you can only get a max of 400,000XP daily, which is equal to five levels

  9. It does not give that much but enough and so easy

  10. The Maps are ass ☠️

    You gain 200 XP from 1 checkpoint

  11. the xp probs don twork anymore bc im getting none

  12. Bro I was looking for a map code all day you make my day bro

  13. I played the real default death run, thats not his. What he didn't realize is that's someone else death run that actually did give good XP.

  14. It doesn’t give near the amount of exp he claims it does but it gives a decent amount and most of its easy except the last level which made me wanna kms

  15. Thanks this really helped me I had no more challenges to do and I wanted to get khabe lame from the battle pass and now I have him about to get kato Thorne

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