this deathrun will MAX your battlepass

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  1. First 2 level up 10000 XP and 2-280 500 xp

  2. I played it before i watch diz (this)😂😂

  3. Fake. The amount of xp shown was supercharged.

  4. Hi can someone like or comment on this comment

  5. can someone like this so I can find it later

  6. Poor dudes that played the map before chrome punk

  7. I did all that for one level 🙄😤

  8. Reply back to this comment every day so I can farm XP pls?

  9. I tried ot and the xp got lower every level

  10. i played every Minute but it Lied to me😂
    oh ok then now that im level 170 already

  11. Geerzy I played this map 1 hour before it was calibrated

  12. I only get 164 xp how u get 2k per coin tf

  13. Dude I'm getting like 5'000 xp from just playing creative 💀

  14. Omg if it says Cadhla1888 that’s me I supported you and I’m playing ur death run

  15. I’ve tried this map like before this video. It only give you only like 200k xp that’s it.

  16. I’ve been on level 250 for an hour and a half

  17. It doesn’t work on pc it says the code is invalid

  18. Thanks got 3 levels and the last one Was really Hard

  19. I want to kill this guy irl because of level 250

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