this deathrun will MAX your battlepass

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  1. Thx bro it give less but good

  2. Thanks I was level 1 now I'm at 30 thanks

  3. a bit cap cuz I only get 500 xp per level but still kinda helpful, I would definitely recommend up ffa

  4. For up free for all I got a mythic but it didn’t give me anything I got the mythic from the 10% dip

  5. No one:
    Him: this map is crazy for getting xp

  6. Roses are red vol are blue he click bated us and we gave him a view

  7. I only get like 200-300 xp per coin but still cool

  8. I'm already level 208 but the map looks fun

  9. Ok calm down with the traps in the last level

  10. Bro idc i do Care that you have a gote skin

  11. The last level is riggedit is impossible

  12. Thanks i already have spider quin but thanks im level like 104

  13. I rate thiiiiiss ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  14. Lies I tried it and o my gave me 1000

  15. Actually the pit is the best game fpr xp because it can give u 4000 or 2000 for kill

  16. Personally I haven’t done your default deathrun and I’m level 200 now so

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