this game just got BETTER



spwb’s grapple tut:

►Code: sketch


► My Brother BANDI:


  1. Bro sketch never stops play the parking his TO ADDICTED

  2. I love your videos ❤❤keep up the work!

  3. For me and all the other mobile users i wish u all u could get a ps or a laptop to play parkour reborn 🫤

  4. I love you playing parkour reborn so could u PLEASE make more vids

  5. Bro was with divided, Umbrel, and IssaRam

  6. What's the name of the song did you use

  7. Hey sketch, yank grapple is now craftable

  8. tips : you can upgrade the grappler so its 2 use instead of just one

  9. Bro I can Confirm sketch is my FAVOURITE YouTuber of all time 🎉

  10. What’s the song for the outro? (After the Sudbath song)

  11. The last person I expected to play parkour/parkour reborn… one of my fav youtubers

  12. Im mobile player sad i cant plqy the game

  13. for the people who want the song at the start it's just like you sudbath

  14. Untitled Parkour Game
    E for grapple
    x or Q for parashoot
    and blah blah blah youll learn it

  15. ik everyone is fawning over the intro and outro montages but damn that outro (i mean the ACTUAL outro not the second montage) sounds heavenly and i need that music man

  16. THE FIRST en secunth SONG IS BANGER (Just Like You – sudbath)

  17. 0:33 what is this song called can someone please tell me

  18. I love parkour reborn but one part of vertigo fucked me over

  19. bruh you need to BUY IT JUST TO PLAY IT im sad:(

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