This GTA 5 parkour challenge made me want to uninstall the game

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In today’s GTA 5 video I take on an impossible race that not many people seemed to enjoy judging from the ratings, it includes skill tests, inifite glides, mega ramps, tight ropes and more! Explore a vast library of classic titles with emulador online games collection.


  1. Didn't realize this channel existed 😂

    Keep up the good work mate 🙂

  2. 4:00 there are ‘fake’ checkpoints now, they can be placed so that you can’t cut the track so that you have to take the checkpoint, but you can not spawn at those checkpoints

  3. It's great that this channel is still alive 😀

  4. Can u bring back the cod sniping montage on this channel

  5. Would love to see some more Minecraft in this channel✌️

  6. can i may ask what this race is called please?

  7. You love to see some more love on the 2nd channel

  8. is there not a way to like toggle bind your mouse for turning instead? could be helpful

  9. haz you open to race suggestions for this channel?

  10. if you want a difficult race you just have to pick the one with the most dislikes lmao

  11. Doubt I can do it but i'll give it a shot.

  12. Mate been watching for so long, still love the vibe😊

  13. second channel is back!!!! Love you so❤ no uploads in a year. Time flies

  14. haz wasn't lying he did say hell eventually get frustrated at this games, as we all love watching he get annoyed😆😆

  15. I loved the video I was wondering where you been!! Please make more and more often!! Thanks

  16. You should do some more Minecraft videos on this channel.

  17. I saw this video and I was like damn that’s looks cool but he’ll never be hazardous tho, and then I click on the video and it’s hazardous (I’m high rn)

  18. 10:25 the random big circle checkpoints that aren’t actually checkpoints are mostly used to keep people from skipping obstacles.

  19. Question. Should we also expect to see FH5 and Assetto corsa steering wheel gameplays??

    cause we will love that a lot

  20. Eric's hardwork to entertain us on both the channels is just supreme
    Thanks mate

  21. Did u delete the cod steering wheel video? Why? That video were so funny 🙂

  22. 3:47 you got that checkpoint before as well, and still spawned back in the start. as with the one on maze bank, but still spawned you all the way to the mountain 🙂 BTW i did not know that could be done

  23. Will you do full walkthrough's of any games? Just so you know, The Last of Us is trending at the moment

  24. Bring back more q n a Friday on this channel

  25. Can’t even play gta bruh every time I log in it says rockstar services aren’t available and its been like that for Months 🤦

  26. Took me 2 hours 51 minutes to complete this race. F**k the tyre section!

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