This NEW Parkour Game is Blowing Up

Today we are playing ROOFTOPS & ALLEYS, a brand new parkour / freerunning game made by a single dev! What do you guys think about it? Let me know down below!

Link to game on Steam:

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  1. Bro I thought that was skate for a second

  2. What a great game to watch needs more tricks and more maps hopefully they keep pushing great updates out

  3. some of the animations remind me of watch dogs 2, which is cool because the parkour made you feel pretty cool in that game

  4. I sure hope this Game Dev is taking notes from Mirrors Edge😮😮😮😮 this looks very promising. Graphics are perfect, don’t need that hyper realistic shit. That can be later down the line. Tricks are nice! And flow is there like you mentioned!

  5. i was waiting for this game for a year

    and it became one of my favorite games ever

  6. Yoooo thanks so much for giving my game a go and sharing it with your audience!

  7. i really hope they add a chase/tag mode 🦔❄

  8. Wow you're first non skate 3 video after saying your done with it

  9. game is sick, but some of the trick names are wrong💀 so I can't bring myself to give this an amazing review..

  10. if this game got developed into a whole campaign like mirrors edge with a story that would be sick as well as being able to play around in a free mode like this. image a bit more low level gore and damage to the character and having a feature like skate when you brake bones

  11. How much you get paid for these recent ads aka videos?

  12. How it going can you make more videos of this game

  13. Instead of epic skate 3 challenges it's epic parkour challenges 😂😂

  14. More of these videos would be awesome, this game seems really cool!

  15. Pov: that one Roblox game gets into steam

  16. I haven’t watched u in forever and I regret it

  17. I think that they should take the game Free Running and make it smother and that would be the best parkour game ever

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  19. I can imagine the skate 4 offboard mechanics being a way more simple version of this game

  20. This is AMAZING. I love games with aspects of parkour in them. I hope this game and the dev have continued huge success with this.

  21. this is pre much gonna be how Skate 4 will feel like

  22. I hope this game is released on console at some point, looks so fun to just free-run everywhere. The animations look really clean too.

  23. We HAVE to convince him to add multiplayer can you imagine parkour with your friends or just running around and seeing others doing parkour

  24. If you like this youd probably like mirrors edge

  25. epic Rooftops and alleys challenges episode 1 coming soon

  26. Skate 4 better take some notes from this game on ways to perfect their parkour

  27. they should add a story mode with explaoration n stuff and multiplayer like maybe tag or something or like a h.o.r.s.e type of thing

  28. You should play storror parkour pro beta

  29. You gain boost meter by doing tricks or parkour.
    The more it's filled, the longer your boost lasts when you activate it.
    But don't do much for long enough, and it'll drain.

  30. This game is so fresh… only goner get better, herd it runs well on the steam deck too, be cool if it gets verified 😉

  31. What's insane is one guy did what Storror has been taking years to do, and from what I've seen, he did it WAY better

  32. holy shit i didn't realize till about the end of this video that you were zexyzek. i hanvent seen you in so long i used to watch you back in the golden age of minecraft.

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