This NEW Parkour Game is Blowing Up

Today we are playing ROOFTOPS & ALLEYS, a brand new parkour / freerunning game made by a single dev! What do you guys think about it? Let me know down below!

Link to game on Steam:

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  1. It’s like Mirrors Edges spiritual comeback, with some indie developer spice added to the mix 😂

  2. Cool combo: R-Cartwheel+R Left trigger- Cork and finish it off with an illusion flip-G

  3. holy shit i didn't realize till about the end of this video that you were zexyzek. i hanvent seen you in so long i used to watch you back in the golden age of minecraft.

  4. Man as i was playing this game, i kept thinking: Maybe i ask for too much, Ubisoft, maybe i asked for too much.

  5. PLease Zek. I've beeen taking shots eberytime youu say sick. I canT take aut anymore

  6. This is actually crazy I looked up this game and I saw ZexyZek that's a name I haven't seen since Minecraft trolling lol
    Great video!

  7. It’s kinda like striders but with tricks instead of guns, and flatscreen instead of vr. Looks cool.

  8. so basically mirrors edge combined with skate 3… sounds like the perfect parkour game to me!

  9. Being someone who used to do parkour and can’t anymore this brings me so much happiness

  10. amazing vid man i would love to see you and another content creator play a game of trick on rooftops and alleys by screen sharing on discord

  11. really great video when are you going to return to minecraft trolling (im kidding)

  12. bro i remember a while ago i played minecraft with you on ps3 and you just started your channel and you didnt have much views i just realized this bro you blew up thats crazy good stuff!

  13. Most likely it’s not on console but is it?

  14. Been following this guy on instagram for ever now, glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves

  15. We got mirrors edge and skates lovechild before skate 4 🙁

  16. Hadn’t heard of this game and love seeing another one in the works outside of Storrors game. Feel like there’s so much untapped potential in Parkour games. The pigeon mode seems like such a small feature that would make a huge quality of life difference in game

  17. When you run across the individual beams one leg at a time is known as doing strides

  18. As a parkour athlete who’s been training for almost a decade, I really love seeing all the new parkour games coming out!!

  19. Aby updates on skate 4 or where do we get em

  20. mirrors edge without the edge this is sick ima wishlist this

  21. Makes me think fo this old mobile game called Vector where u were a parkour guy being chased by police or robots i don't quite remember, combos and movements reminds me a lot of it !!

  22. This plus a shooting mechanic as a multiplayer game would steal my whole wallet

  23. Yesterdqy i got skate 3 i got good at it in a couple of hours

  24. Multiplayer game of tag would be cool 🤣

  25. A parkour group called storror are making a game and I can't waitttt

  26. If they added guns and made this a battle royal or death match it would be class

  27. They just copy paste from unreal engine? Did they not? Is it just a coincidence that as unreal engine releases a free “parkour” movement animation in their software, then all these “parkour games” release everywhere.

  28. Bro was playing like it was tony hawk instead of thinking about it. i respect it. 10/10

  29. looks like a trash version of mirrors edge lol

  30. Mirrors edge OGs having flashbacks when you went first person

  31. I got an ad of mary cooper prakosing royal match

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