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  1. i don't think the reason for this game to be abandonned is parkour, i probably think it's just the game itself, obviously PR made a part in the story but like, visuals ain't that good, maybe some cool mechanics but like all other things are just straight up PR, the game isn't bad, but not good enough compared to what we already have

  2. i played this game before its a ton of fun

  3. Distric casade is good you should try it

  4. He might as well play mirrors edge at this point

  5. Man i always forget that my ringtone is giorono's theme

  6. Remember the person that said all hail sketch that's me

  7. every good parkour game sketch finds is paid 😭

  8. as someone who has 600+ hours in parkour, yes it is most definitly a fever dream

  9. Sketch can you pls play shockwave racing it's an parkour racing game it is very fun😊

  10. Day 10 of asking sketch to play riptide resurgence

  11. Now because of you this game will get popular again i thing

  12. could somebody please tell me the title of the song that was playing at 4:20?

  13. The game that you are playing has a shot down. It's 14 hours since you made it

  14. the vid that he saw was a yt name diveded love him❤❤‍🩹❤

  15. MEN ITS TIME TO MAKE IT POPULAR edit: nvm it’s not mobile

  16. Original parkour focused on speed reborn focused on momentum and dis one kinda focuses on realism

  17. there's no way sketch played this, that was insanely unexpected.

  18. What happened to Jimmy neutron in your vids?

  19. You’re not supposed to climb the pipes 😛

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