This zombie parkour game is hilarious

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  1. You can't just change the Titel Like this! XD

    Love your videos and I hope you have great day 🙂

  2. Someone count the steps compared to the likes, I want to know.

  3. Next is squirell or back to kyle..or worse back to delirious again

  4. I click on this bc I thought it was a sneak peak at dying light 2

  5. Lol he had a title called “I need to make a confession” and shows the picture I suck at parkour

  6. mr. romano says hi 🙂 do you remember him from 6th grad

  7. Hey Delirious you have played pubgm why don t try call of duty mobile so you can experience the game to be fair

  8. This made me have flashbacks to the game ben and ed

  9. Are you ever going to play the second season of The Walking Dead?

  10. I have a question is ihm still hanging out with delirious and cartoonz

  11. I used to watch you when I was 5 through 8 then I stopped but know I'm back!

  12. "Kyle is a man of sheer focus, which u all know very little about."

  13. Delirious could make a 2 min vid and it could be the most funniest shit and be so entertaining.

  14. Thank you for making a video I hope you're doing well God bless you

  15. Delirious finish the rest of telltale’s the walking dead

  16. Please Continue The Walking Dead Telltale Series.

  17. This is giving me Ben and ed flashbacks

  18. Came on have win one dead squirrel win 2.

  19. The zombies look like they ate an air head that's why they got a big head!

  20. Lmao got an ad for a formula race car app right after the wheeze joke

  21. Should of made the title weird zombie climbing parkour game

  22. Delirious you sound like Kevin Hart 😂 You are just like him, soooooo much energy!! 🥰😝

  23. Hi delirious I love your vids ur my favourite YouTube! Always looking foward to see them! Love you and your fam! ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Some plz make a compilation of the Corpse launches and falls and plz include 6:016:03

  25. Delirious hope you and Liz are doing good and congrats on the new baby on Christmas day

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