This zombie parkour game is hilarious

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  1. I'm sorry delirious I didn't hit the like when you told me too I'm sorrry

  2. 3 years ago I tried to make a channel but quit but then every video delirious made I watched and it gave me the confidence to return to the gaming new gaming channel

    Delirious i don’t know if you read this but thank you 🙏

  3. Delirious:i fell cuz that person didnt press the like button
    Me:*checks if i have pressesd it*

  4. Makes me miss that other parkour zombie esque one you toonz and squirrel and rilla used to play where you would lose limbs and could throw your head and such. Should really give that game another go ❤

  5. I got a question delirious, if someone really loves you would they still say that your not doing enough and that they don’t deserve it ?

  6. First title is "I have to confess…",then when i look at it again,it changed into this. You almost gave everyone a heart attack,Delirious.

  7. Today I am hurting inside, but seeing Delirious makes me instantly happier. Thank you for being my pillar for years <3

  8. H20 delirious you are the best and I think you should do a fan game where fans can play with you

  9. Who else agrees that if he did snother tell tale game like the next walking dead seaskns or wanted

  10. 🤣
    Moar pain and suffering

  11. 8:06 delirious: falls
    Also delirious: AAAAAA-lets play raid shadow legends!

  12. Brings me back to the good ol days when h2o and cartoonz played this together

  13. Love your vids delerious but this game is too slow for me

  14. Do Delirious and Cartoonz play together anymore?

  15. Hey Delirious thank you for keep me going through life i have had a bumpy ride but you doing what your doing and making me laugh i just wanted to say im proud to be apart of the Delirious army and i will always support you keep up the work my good friend you can trust me to always have my support on you just keep being you my friend.

  16. Hey Delirious wanna show us a clip that you ate the brain?

  17. Funny enough, I actually didn’t hit the like button until he reminded me,

    Sorry 😞

  18. Who was here before he change the title😆😆

  19. Holy I forgot about you I used to watch your videos when I was a kid glad to see you still have entertainmenting videos thx h20

  20. Real ones know this was titled “I have a confession….”

  21. Delirious’ inner animals a racoon and a crow

  22. 5 minutes in and Kyle has definitely been practicing 😂

  23. I really wanna see nogla, moo, and vanoss play this. The rage between nogla and moo plus vanoss trolling them would be amazing

  24. Squirrel: *minding his business*
    Delirious: He's ahead FALL ACCIDENT

    Death note reference.

  25. Hey delirious, imagine if moo and panda joined this game, you'll hear a sweet melody of suffering

  26. It's fiiine third time's a charm right. Right!

  27. Love you delirious love ur content and hope babylirious is well and mamalirous as well familirous

  28. Kyle was secretly practicing, that's why he's so good now, not wanting to relive what happened last time…

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