This zombie parkour game is hilarious

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  1. I was scared when I got the notification I thought something was wrong

  2. Can't wait for more info on babylirious the second. And third and fourth and fifth!

  3. I knew this was scam I seen the thumbnail

  4. Same theme as the other zombie video title, nice one delirious

  5. on how squirrel just went for the brains and broke his promise like a bitch u wonder y EVERYONE trashes him on gartic phone

  6. I'm sensing a pattern with these titles for this game…
    They all sound like a rant or a getting real video.

  7. you fell as i liked the video and said I FELL BECAUSE THEY DIDNT HIT THE LIKE BUTTON

  8. H2O delirious when are you going to make a Minecraft video?

  9. The 2 video's on this game were already funny however, what made me laugh even more is how the zombies moved b/c they shamble away as if they have no bone structure & somehow crapped their shorts.

  10. Hey h2o do u intend to play the new among us map

  11. You have the most amazing videos, keep it up Delirious ❤️

  12. I been a fan of your YouTube video ho2 delirious

  13. They put Ben and Ed and getting over it together to make this 😂😂

  14. I thought he was about to expose something


  16. I thought this was gonna be a pregnancy announcement for babylirious 2 cause I saw Liz's video 🥺

  17. Ive been subscribed to h2o delirious for 8 years and ive loved his videos throughout that whole time. Even till this day and his content is AMAZING. 😄

  18. 0:43
    pardon my french but, GET THESE ZOMBIE CROWLIRIOUSES OFF A ME!!!!

  19. These titles pulling hella views I love u h2o

  20. Delirious:I fear no man. But that thing!!


    also delirious:"it's scares me!"

  21. Worms wmd is on game pass please see if you can play it

  22. Love your content I hope everything is going well,and I hope some one puts the end to Ohmwreckers false accusations and no evidence thank you for pulling through and keeping post

  23. I thought you were a parkour king man! What happeen!?😂

  24. Such a funny thing to watch on my birthday today

  25. Does anyone else see delirious falling on purpose?

  26. 10:14 fuck dude I laughed so hard when I realized that he realized the checkpoint didn't save

  27. They should play Ed and Ben again that game was funny

  28. No idea if it was intentional. But the scream at around 8:10 was perfectly cut by an ad and that shit killed me lmao

  29. Delirious is the ultimate troll when it comes to video titles, and I love it lol

  30. i hope delirious and friends will play valorant someday

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