This zombie parkour game is hilarious

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  1. delirious could you please play more prop hunt, I really miss it 😉

  2. I thought this was about his second child and financal issues. Or even less uploads. Nice to know it isnt serious.

  3. I swear a fair amount of fun-factor is thanks to your editorlirious. That big eyed squirrel falling across the screen had me tearing up.

  4. Delirious: I have a confession… the back of your head LOOKS RIDICULOUS ! NGAHAHA !

  5. Hello, this comment is from a real human.
    Yes… A real [HUMAN]

  6. Had me scared there for a second thought something had happened lol

  7. Delirious always ignore me 🙁
    i just want him to play more wanted racoon :((

  8. One step for zombie Cain 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ Another step to die A second time 🙂

  9. 3rd video that im asking this, can you play Infinite Lagange?

  10. Kyle must have spent an entire day practicing cuz he was trash last time

  11. Yes I look forward to more of this game from you

  12. Deadsquirrel has been dead for a long time, so no wonder it's easy for him to be a zombie

    It was a great round tho.

  13. This kinda reminds me of Ben and Ed blood party a little bit

  14. My heart was pounding so fast because of that title

  15. Delirious vs Blue Towel, a battle for the ages

  16. Does anyone just like his videos before even watching them.

  17. Hi how are you doing tonight??

    And I just graduated Middle School going to high school what was your favorite thing about middle school and high school?

  18. Anyone else felt guilty when he said " That person didn't press the like button"?

  19. I’d love to see Delirious play this with Liz.

  20. Also delirious I think you gave everyone a heart attack with that title🤣

  21. This game is perfect to smoke too because it's slow, just like me 😂

  22. He's really cool on games oh and you should watch dying light 2 trailer

  23. i am so happy i found this channel because h2o's personality is almost like my father's personality

  24. I have no clue how you're able to not rage quit with this game delirious lol, but love your content hope you and you're fam are doing ok. Love ya !!!

  25. Love you my guy H20 hope you and the family are 👌

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