Top 10 MOST DIFFICULT Games Not Made For *NOOBS* (like me…xD)

We generally play games for relaxation and for fun. But the games covered in this list can make your fun time the worse! Because it includes 10 hardest video games of all time.


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  1. Mane getting over it 7 times complete kiyanhai

  2. I was complete getting over it 78 times but I use mods

  3. dark souls is much harder than getting over it.

  4. Main To getting over it ko kam se kam 9 bar jeeta hu aur Mene to ek bar 9 Min

  5. I have completed getting over it in 7 minutes.
    And the total times I have completed this game is more than 300 times.
    No mods.

  6. I have completed getting over it in 4min 14 sec and I've. Completed it 50 times 😀

  7. Don't underestimate the power of power of noobs.

  8. Contra and mario are still my fav games and now are easy after 1 million fails

  9. Mene contra 4time complete Kiya he wo bhi 1.9montg me

  10. Bhai mene getting over it ek baar tho complete kara tha but bhot mushkil hui thi

  11. bhai god of war ka hard mode khal ka dakho

  12. Walk master bhi hard game he ek bar khel kar dekho

  13. Tu hoga noob tujhe hak kisne diya kisko noob bolne ka chtya kahika

  14. I am 12 years old and I still remember when I was in nursery I used to play contra and mario with my 2 Mamas

  15. Bhai contra kaha mushkil hai bohot easy game hai

  16. Isme shadow fight 2 ko bhi add kro vo game complete ho jati aa lekin pros hi use krr skte aa

  17. Wtf getting over it is in this list I completed in 48 times

  18. Well it took me 4-5 months to complete it at first but now i have completed it almost 75 times (getting over it)

  19. i am playing getting over it from 2-3 months but i have not passed from swings

  20. Bhai mere se to mInecraft me stray hi nahi marta to ye kya hai.

  21. Bhai mene 12 baar complete kiya hai getting over it my best time is 11 minute 23 sec 😁😁😁

  22. one of the most fav game of mine is Sekiro………………..It's combat is just satisfying…………….No other action game is like Sekiro……………….It took me 130 hour to complete the game ……………And I enjoyed the game a lot

  23. I have completed getting over it 2 times

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