Top 100 Free VR Games of All Time

My biggest video ever for Free VR Games on PCVR and Quest! All links are below. Enjoy!

0:00 Intro

0:18 Action

Trickster VR Horde Attack

Wolfenstein 3D VR



MSI Electric City Core Assault

Zombie Hobby


Dead Ground Arcade

Boiling Steel: Preface

GunsnStories Preface VR

Brisk Square


Super Raft Boat

7:18 Multiplayer

VR Chat


Rec Room




War Thunder


Warriors Of Titus


Gorilla Tag


Cards & Tankards


We Were Here

Vertical Shift

15:00 Strategy


The Red Stare

The Get Up


In Your Face TD

Vroom Kaboom


Axegend Episode I



VR Hero Sentry

23:00 Adventure

Bow to Blood Last Captain Standing

The Ranger Lost Tribe


SpiderMan Far From Home
Recently removed from Steam 🙁

Cartoon Network Journeys

Run Of Mydan

Runes The Forgotten Path


Euterpe Explorer

31:06 Puzzle

NaN Industry


Gravity Architect





Storm VR


Children of Fafnir

Turtles All The Way Down


Reflecto Ray


Bulos VR


40:26 Obstacle Course


Tea For God

Spellbound Spire

Yupitergrad Sneaki Peaki


FreeClimb VR

Sneak and Peak

Poly Runner

44:45 Asymmetrical

Nova Swarm


I Can Gun

Nemesis Perspective

46:59 Relaxing


Puppy Chef Academy

Go For A Walk

Google Earth VR

Cosmic Sugar VR

Horizon Beyond


A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor

Guildford Castle VR

52:46 Crafting

Order Up VR

Waltz of the Wizard

Short Circuit VR

Open Brush




56:41 Misc


The Lab

Taphouse VR

Galaxy Forces VR


Koliseum Soccer VR

Bulk Dominoes VR: Kinetic Rush

The Book of Distance

Disco Destruction

Dreams of Dali

VersaillesVR the Palace is yours

Mona Lisa Beyond The Glass

IL DIVINO Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling in VR

Amends VR

TSA Frisky

Diorama Worlds

Green Fairy VR

Museum of Other Realities

Dagon by HP Lovecraft

Castle Defender VR

Portable Emulator


technically a game


Home A VR Spacewalk


  1. How do you know if it's a PCVR game or just oculus?

  2. 100?????????????????????????? DUDE THATS INSANE GOTTA LIKE AND SUB

  3. I'm only watching this cause I might get a quest at Christmas

  4. Dude, seriously, thank you for putting so much work into these videos; making those genre's to skip through is so cool and I thank you for that

  5. Bro, I can not find any of these games, man you must be lying, or you must have like steam VR or something

  6. If you like mixing music / spinning discs in VR you've got to check out TribeXR and Vinyl Reality… And there is so many other ways to make music in VR already.. You've got modular synths like SynthVR and SynthspaceVR. Actual VR instruments (made for VR using the environment) like EXA and Electronauts.. (VRemin is an simulation of an actual instrument (Theremin) in VR but, it's just a gimmick in it's current form, can't recommend that yet, if ever at all, I think it was always meant to be a gimmick the price even reflects that.)

  7. Great round up of games Ben! Our team loves all your videos! Keep it going!

  8. I can tell you put so much time into this. And the quality is amazing. good job!!

  9. Portable emulator is such an interesting concept. The motion to summon is so dope

  10. I’m getting one soon this is helpful

  11. Aww man overboard didn’t work for me it only says like the scenario’s or something I can’t find the real thing

  12. So happy to see you found wolfenstein 3D and made it the second game on the list because soon as I saw it I had to download it, plus I’m still watching the rest of the video as well. Edit: I wonder if there is a “spear of destiny” as well

  13. I really need to know if any of these games are available on PSVR.

  14. Not really a surprise you did this I love it and I love it that you do this for us

  15. I went to get them but when I typed them they wasn't there 🙁

  16. galaxy forces vr reminds me of knd Operation T.O.M.M.Y ya'll remember that game on cartoon network. those were the days

  17. What song is used when reflecto ray was shown?

  18. 12:47 i got banned for being under aged and im really sad but if you could say if there is a age restictshon please let us know so the right people can find the right game

  19. sadly most of these games are steam vr i wish i could play overboard

  20. all stupid games where are the realistic games !!!!

  21. You are such a lier we're is the red stare

  22. Thankyou for all the game videos You are very interesting and I love your diverse tastes in games Your videos are fast moving and entertaining!

  23. There is also VRNOID free demo on steam

  24. Where do I find the Spiderman game pls. I've looked everywhere

  25. The intro music just brough back nostalgia from DantTDM

  26. I’m surprised Echo Arena isn’t in this video. Probably for the better, the community is something else!

  27. how the fuck do you call this pcvr and quest when all of the good games are only on pc

  28. a good free game war thunder veterans know it may say free but it cost 1 soul

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