Top 15 FREE Quest 2 VR Games YOU NEVER KNEW

Now I know recently money has been tight across the world and even the price of the Quest 2 has gone up. And you want to play games but don’t have the money to buy any new ones.

Well have no fear WaqMan is here.

Today we are going to go through 15 Amazing Free Quest games that you might have never heard of. I had to filter through a lot of rubbish to find these gems, so if you enjoy the video and find it helpful then please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. Also if 15 isn’t enough for you make sure you watch my previous video on the 32 Free VR games rated.

32 FREE Quest 2 Games:

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RAM: 32GB 3600Mhz:

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1) Moonrider Beat Saber Clone

2) Floating world – Alpha

3) Liminal

4) Discovery

5) LIT

6) Paradiddle

7) Blacktop Hoops – VR Basketball

8) TraVRsal

9) Monster Showdown

10) Harvest VR

11) We Are One

12) Vertical Shift

13) No More Rainbows Beta

14) Pioneer: Endless Journey

15) Roll-a-Mech

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  1. No More Rainbows=
    Geometrical Dominator level.

    I'm sorry, I had to say it. SOMEONE had to!

  2. No I'm 3 months late I wanted hand pysichs

  3. Was really looking forward to playing lit, but could not find it

  4. You can't use side quest unless you have a developer account!

  5. what is the first game your playin in the intro called the robbing game

  6. You can do ones where you experience other people stuff I really like those like one is about being blind or traveling as black or diary of Anne frank get to see the inside

  7. Paradiddle might have been free then but it isnt now and its a shame that you didnt say the video is outdated

  8. #WAQMAN40K Pls i just bought the oculus i have no money left so i only can play like pavlov and stuff PLS

  9. What game is played in the background of the intro? Seems interesting

  10. How do you get it for free because it says it is 10 dollars

  11. I want floating world to play it cause it seems fun but I can never find it

  12. Can’t wait to take a bunch of shrooms and hop on liminal 🤣

  13. can someone tell me if lit is still on the meta quest 2?

  14. Can someone help me i cant find the basketballgame

  15. I cant find any of these games on the quest store

  16. Dawg i got Beat Saber for free it gave me it

  17. I'm trying to find the games on the oculus app but none show up. Can anyone help with this.

  18. Whats the game while you talking at the begging?

  19. You just earned a new sub, really needed this, thanks

  20. Ocean rift isnt anything like that raft game. Also how do you see a Mandela effect? Also the midnight series isnt need for speed.

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