Top 15 Parkour Games for PC

Parkour games are special kind of action games that focus on performing various parkour moves in order to navigate through the levels and get to a final goal. Parkouring is very hard in real life, but when it comes to gaming, you can pretty much play this games even if you are a newbie. The list of 15 Top PC parkour games is below.

00:00 Intro
0:21 Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst
01:57 Assassin’s Creed: Origins
02:55 Dying Light
04:12 Titanfall 2
04:51 Dishonored 2
05:49 Rise of the Tomb Raider
06:49 The Saboteur
07:43 Far Cry 4
09:03 Thief
10:08 Prototype 2
11:13 Remember Me
12:40 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
13:45 Vector
14:56 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
16:16 BRINK

Suggest your thoughts… and what’s your favorite game

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  1. Its not prince of persia Warrior within its 2008

  2. But Vector is a Mobile game? and the title says "For Pc" ?????

  3. Dying light is the best parkour game ever😍😍

  4. is there a free parkour game with good graphics?

  5. u know it isnt a parkour game just because u can jump? like wtf is this list?! trash!

  6. Can't u share a link where we can get them?

  7. I think every game is a parkour game for him
    Me : mario is a game that i play when i was a kid
    him : yeah it is a nice parkour game

  8. This guy doesnt know anything about games

    P.S: this list is inaccurate

  9. Nothing beats mirror's edge when it comes to parkour

  10. Dying light game is assassin's creed but first person

  11. Far cry 4
    me : ye its a nice shooting game
    him : :O you can jump thats a parkour game

  12. Lots of "nothing like parkour" games on that list…

  13. Bak şimdi güzel kardeşim bazı oyunlar vardır oyunun amacını seçerek oynarsın Prototpe bir açık dünya elementleri taşıyan oyun farcy 4 de aynı şekilde geçerli araştırma yapmadan ortaya atmışsın 2009 yıllarında da güzel oyunlar vardı bazı oyunlar vardır eskdikçe güzelleşir bazı oyunlar vardır güzelleştikçe eskir .

  14. Where is ac unity the best open world parkour game

  15. That's not Prince of Persia Warrior Within @ 12:41. That's Prince of Persia 4….

  16. Prototype 2 not a parkour game it's a super Parkour game

  17. "Dying light is the best."
    "No! Mirror's Edge is!"

    I welcome you, the Assassin's Creed franchise. B)

  18. I was looking all over the internet for remember me found it here thanks bro

  19. Honestly I think the best parkour game is parkour ( yes is called parkour ) from roblox, it doesnt have good graphics but is really fun and has alot of mechanics , but due to how hard it is only 2k players play it.

  20. Can I run assain creeds in 1 GB ram ???

  21. You added prototype 2 and left out sleeping dogs? seriously bruh!

  22. 1st of all…that was prototype…not prototype 2…2nd the prince of persia you show us was prince of persia 2008 not warrior within

  23. What is farcry 4 doing in a list of Parkour games ?? Lol

  24. Far Cry and tomb raider is not a parkour game, but tomb raider is not an open world game, how can you say parkour?

  25. Why is there Alex Mercer in prototype 2?

  26. ahaha Far cray its not parkour game!

  27. Bro i played far cry 4 but its insanely bad at parkour😑😑

  28. “Assassin creed origins” 🤡 🤡 🤡

  29. AC unity have one of the best Parkour in history

  30. What is the name of that game which was played on intro ? Plz reply 🙏

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