Top 5 Android Parkour Games

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  1. progect parkour is thebbesy man u messed it all up.

  2. Project parkour is a decentyish mirrors edge clone

  3. I have played all of them and they sucks

  4. Мое мнение что норм игры на Андроиде нету кроме Вектора но хочется на андроид девайсах поиграть Miror's Edge

  5. Why is there FailArmy music in the second game?

  6. Here's the List :

    1. Parkour 0:28
    2. Parkour : Roof Riders 1:52
    3. Backflip Madness 2:41
    4. Project Parkour 4:31
    5. Vector 5:50

    You're Welcome!

  7. I like vector better including vector 2 good game 😛

  8. project park our is the best by far I have it mirrors edge without the combat best parkour game period

  9. i dont think no. 1 is one of the best parkour games on android

  10. actually some of those games are not the best parkour games on android

  11. o primeiro e o segundo jogo é completamente uma bosta, não sei como você teve a coragem de coloca eles na lista

  12. блять я русский

  13. why #1 is not awesome and why vector and project parkour is in the last..

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