Top 5 BEST Games On Roblox…

In today’s video, i talk about the TOP 5 BEST ROBLOX GAMES in my personal opinion.

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  1. :POV infinity voice crack

  2. Bruh blox fruit users be like fattys blox fruits is Ass

  3. the lisp is wild 😭🙏 (do not let ig see this)

  4. bro sounds like he got hit by the freeze ray

  5. How old are you? Can a video be made at this age?😊

  6. Ill thow u the betht games in my perthonel opinion

  7. Ngl he sounds like my cousin that’s named Chandler

  8. Sounds like if a 9 year old Mike Tyson smoked 10 packs a day every day 💀

  9. Tower defense sim is the most grinding game

  10. vote for the strongest battlegrounds in roblox innovation awards 2024


  12. Bro the whole time: fhshsabshsgfhfshshfhshshfh

  13. my opinion is beyond. and he sounds like a choking duck ngl.

  14. Bros voice is older then my grandmas ashes

  15. His voice 💀💀💀💀💀 take some water💧💧💧💧

  16. Blud doesn’t even know what water is💀

  17. There’s only one good game here and what is that voice

  18. Bro is literally the "☝️🤓" emoji 💀

  19. yall need to stop roasting him he’s only 13 you fucking morons💀 he quit because of yall roasting him I hope he comes back and there’s no more haters

  20. My man needs to drink the Pacific Ocean💀💀💀💀💀

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