Top 5 Parkour Games

5. Tomb Raider Reihe
4. Mirror ´s Edge
3.Uncharted Reihe
2.Dying Light
1. Assassans Creed Reihe


  1. I loved parkouring on Assassins Creed.

  2. I'm glad that in mirrors edge and tomb raider you are a female! It makes all of the video games less stereotypical and sexist!

  3. I really want an open world parkpur game where you can just go around vaulting and jump. Not confined to missions. And where real parkour moves are added like kongs and dash vaults. Anyone know any upcoming games like this?

  4. wait a second? mirrors edge in 4 st?or 3?

  5. I give up on humanity, tomb raider and uncharted, JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN JUMP AND ROLL IN THE MUD DOESN'T MAKE IT PARKOUR I JUST CAME FROM A VIDEO WHERE THEY SAID THAT GTA 5 WAS PARKOUR ALONG WITH TOMB RAIDER. I am going insane here, I love parkour, but these guys don't know what parkour is, mirrors edge and dying light are great parkour games, assassins creed has good parkour for a movie but it ruins the feel of it because the game is doing parkour not you, I can't be bothered to go into more detail on its terrible system, THESE OTHER GAMES ARE NOT PARKOUR, JUMPING AND GETTING OFF OF SOMETHING WITHOUT JUMPING AGAIN DOESN'T MAKE PARKOUR

  6. The only truly parkour game is Mirror ´s Edge. Others like Dying Light and Assassin's Creed series has some moves but they are not parkour games. Thumbs down.

  7. Mirror's edge suppose to be number 1 because is more like parkour because parkour needs:timing running jumping rolling vaulting and all that but when Mirror's Edge came out IT IS AMAZING THE FREAKING GRAPHICS ARE BEUTIFUL THE BLOODY MISSIONS ARE SO REALISTIC ZE PARKOUR STUFF IS ALSO REALISTIC

    PS:parkour also needs fast thinking and sharp eye sight

  8. the starting made me think that i am watching a horror or a thriller movie………

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